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Reincarnation Ruined the rankings thanks to the crazy fighting PVP system

With role-playing games, it is impossible not to mention the system PVPthis can be seen as an important factor in attracting players and with Reincarnation Decision The game that is sweeping the Chinese charts in recent days is a testament to that.


Introduced Freestyle-oriented PVP system, allowing you to fight crazy without turn-based like many other games. Those are 1vs1 2vs2 battles but can summon multiple characters at the same time. In 1vs1 battlefields, it can also be said that the player is experiencing the PK gameplay, however, each player can choose 4 generals to go to war, although in a period of time only 1 general will go to war, however. you can continuously change the generals with each other.


As for the 2vs2 battles, the game applies a hierarchical mechanism to bring about fairer battles. Players can choose 3 generals and combine with one of their teammates, with these early matches, players must have a good fit with teammates, because fighting in a freestyle style like the gameplay of PK matches. so it won’t allow you to think for a second.


If you don’t know, Reincarnation is a game from Perfect World, who molded the game Perfect World that captivated many gamers, reincarnation was introduced as a role-playing mobile game, taking the theme of a fantasy fairy tale. The game has an attractive and attractive PVP feature, from singles to guild and territory battles. The game is currently open for testing on both Android and iOS platforms

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