Recipe for crafting weapons in Mini World Block Art

Weapons in Mini World: Block Art are very important, it is both a means of self-defense, and a tool to exploit other items. This article will guide you to craft the weapons in Mini World: Block Art.

Weapons in Mini World



Bows are a long-range weapon in the bow category and are the cornerstones of all bow types. The damage is correlated with the degree of the arc.

  • Damage: Up to 40 damage (25 damage to arrows + 15 damage to arrows)
  • Durability: 300 (fixing with chain equals 67 strength)
  • Recycle time: 1 second until max.


  • Wooden slats x 2
  • Leather x 1
  • SilkThread x 2


  • Each attack costs an arrow.
  • Press and hold the index finger to the bow mirror, release to shoot.

Iron sword

You can use the iron sword used to destroy the creatures in the game.

Type: Melee
Damage: +25.

Formula for making iron swords:

  • Wooden slats x 2
  • Iron bar x 2

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