Ranking the most money-loving “stingy saints” Anime

Money is not omnipotent, but without money nothing can be done. In today’s society where the inevitable existence is related to money, there are people who are “customers” who love money like their lives, but there are people who are “saints” who treat money like garbage. Let’s point out the names of the most stingy elements anime that you can get from them even 1 cent.

Kakuzu (Naruto)


Kakuzu is Atsuki’s “financial manager”, specializing in earning and keeping money for the organization. It can be said that this position besides Kakuzu, there is no one more suitable because he is a person who is greedy for fame and money. There were even a few trips because he worked to earn tolls, but he delayed the journey.

Nami (One Piece)


Money and life are the two things that Nami always thinks about first, she is extremely greedy for money and is tasked with controlling spending in the gang. She always restricts her spending and can get angry immediately if people spend too much or miss the opportunity to make money. But what she cherishes the most is still her trusted friends, when faced with a difficult choice between friends or safety, even though she knows she can’t stand her opponent, she still swings. weapons for friends.

Buggy (One Piece)


Buggy, who always takes bullying of the weak as a hobby, is a selfish, unknowing, self-centered pirate. On Gol D. Roger’s ship, he completely did not understand why the Shanks and other members of the pirate crew were not interested in the treasure, also claiming that people did not understand the meaning of “pirate”. According to Buggy, the identity of a pirate is “robbery”, so every time he starts a war with an enemy ship, he is extremely excited and positive. Buggy’s dream is to become the Pirate King and own all the treasures in the world.

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Miroku (Inu Yasha)


Miroku always claims to be a righteous mage, but has a lot of bad habits, including greed and greed, and always has a very suggestive face. The guy can’t use any tricks to extort money from the owner when chasing evil spirits, even staging a scene to cheat other people’s money.

Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)


Sakata Gintoki impresses viewers not only with his excellent kendo skills but also because of his dirty personality. On normal days, his income is not high, or he owes money to employees, even repairing cars does not pay. But even so, he is still a responsible and reliable person.​

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