Quoc Chien Lien Server season 25


Going a long way, experiencing many ups and downs, but the inter-server National War activities in Three Kingdoms Go always its original charm. Through many modifications, the National War arena is still the most favorite strategy playground for gamers. Although it only takes place for a short period of time, it consumes a lot of effort from the player. The activities that players have participated in before are just a step forward for gamers to gain potential as well as experience to prepare for the National War.


Along with the opening of a very new server in the Huyen Vu cluster – S19 Thanh Chau has completely reduced the network congestion every time the National War starts. During the duration of the event, during Three Kingdoms Go community did not stop discussing and reporting the happenings in all three clusters. The group is flooded with posts and comments that appear continuously, which proves that Quoc Chien has never shown any signs of cooling down.


An interesting point in National War this season is the support for weak countries. From the first day to the sixth day of the National War, if a Country has not captured any strategic cities for two consecutive days or more, the next day will be given a certain amount of resources. The higher the number of consecutive days of failure, the greater the reward. This can be considered as one of the rare priority policies for countries that are young or weak in potential.


It has been more than 4 days since the official launch, on the chart, there have also been potential faces for the championship of season 25. Not only through the theme activity that is “Protecting the city owner” but players can also participate in other activities such as: Great War of Tuong Duong; Citadel of strategic areas; On the conference of the fierce battles, on the forum, the King of Kings Association is still passionately sharing hundreds of memories about the last Fun Festival. Through such activities, gamers have even more faith in their comrades.


Even though it has been half way through, many gamers believe that Quoc Chien season 25 is no longer as easy to eat as before. Who will win the lean piece and who will have to remove the bone that cannot be determined, because the National War always contains many surprises that can make the situation change at the last minute. Quoc Chien season 25, where there are fiery “fights”, valuable rewards that everyone wants to own. All information related to National War season 25 will be continuously updated at the following address:​

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Source link: Quoc Chien Lien Server season 25

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