PUBG: The fastest way to skydive and land

For gamers who play PUBG survival shooters, surely all know that fast grounding will bring a lot of advantages when entering the war. However, not all players know how to skydive and land properly, even now most gamers have not been able to find the best method for this first task in PUBG.

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Guide to skydiving and landing when playing PUBG
Guide to skydiving and landing when playing PUBG

The presence of PUBG Mobile has somewhat made PUBG lose its advantage in the past. However for those who love to play super products Royale Battle on PC, PUBG is still number 1. New maps are constantly being updated and gamers still have to find out for themselves the most suitable way to play in order to beat their opponents and survive. In the game PUBG the decisive factor to victory is observation, tactical vision and shooting skills, but the key factor is a perfect landing. This article we will help you the fastest way to skydive and land fast when participating in PUBG.

How to skydive and land quickly when playing PUBG

In PUBG game we will come from an airplane, so skydiving is something that should be prioritized by gamers when playing. Many newcomers consider skydiving to be nothing special and assume that everyone is the same by simply jumping down to a spot to get ready to fight.

Perfectly grounded
Perfectly grounded

However, if you consider it carefully, landing early will bring a lot of advantages, not only is the opportunity to own guns, ammunition or equipment, but it also allows you to observe the situation. and actively find for themselves the optimal fighting method and quickly capture the position of other opponents.

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However, after each update the publisher makes it difficult for players to constantly change the skydiving mechanism, making veteran gamers also confused to find the best solution. If at the time of a few months ago, the wavy skydive was a popular dance style and helped the player get high speed as well as quickly get to the preset position fastest, at this moment it seems. it is outdated because it pauses you.

How to land effectively when parachuting in PUBG
How to land effectively when parachuting in PUBG

This is the latest optimal parachuting method when playing PUBG: You should The time of grounding is about 150m and for the moment we should just Hold down Shift so the character plugs the head straight down while in the air and absolutely take the initiative so as not to miss the momentum of the parachute. However, with the above 150m distance, we take the standard for the distance from the plane to the point of fall is 1200m, if this distance is further, it is necessary to align about 300m to get the advantage of pulling down of the parachute and continue to weigh. with a parachute until it hits the target. Each large plot on the map is equivalent to 1km and the small one is 100, so you can estimate the distance you need to reach each parachute.

Hopefully this new parachuting way will really bring you some advantages when participating in playing PUBG.

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