PUBG: Solo and Squad, which mode should be more suitable for you?

PUBG Although it is a game that promotes teamwork, there are many gamers who prefer to run alone, with many gamers participating. PUBG So far only single play mode Solo or Squad. Part of that is due to the player’s play style or personality that shapes their choice.

However, playing any mode, their common task is still to loot, run to save chicken dinner. But in the process of doing the above two things, there will be a lot of events happening, but in both Solo and Squad modes will not be the same, even in terms of tactics, below I will show the points The difference between these two modes to help you choose which mode is more suitable for you.

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PUBG: Compare two modes Solo and Squad

1. The difference between moves

PUBG solo squad

In Solo mode, you are alone so where you want to go is your right and it’s easy, just pay attention to the circle, but when switching to Squad mode, it’s not so simple. . Firstly, if you split up and go separately, you will most likely encounter another team and support is not possible. Second, if you are with a team that you move indiscriminately, your team may have an accident.

Because in Squad mode, the enemy team can communicate with each other and if they are in unfavorable positions such as on the bridge or move into hot areas, the enemy team members will look around, if they see their squad. They will immediately close the block and make a plan for the attack.

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Not to mention there will be 2 to 3 Squads around there, if you get shot by them, your teammates come to save them, it will only be a bait for them, so let’s just go together, if the enemy team finds out then also. It is impossible to defeat 4 people at the same time.

2. Safety level

PUBG solo squad

Of course there are always more people than 1 person, in Solo, if you get shot down, you will only get down and go to the hall to get a new game. With Squad, you will not receive such consequences, but will be saved by your teammates thanks to the knock mechanism, and even be saved many times.

But don’t forget that enemies can do the same with their teammates, in Squad PUBG mode there is no limit to saving a knocked out teammate, so an enemy gets knocked out two or three times. can still be saved and killed you again. So if you look at someone, try to kill him.

3. Fights

PUBG solo squad

The level of fighting in Squad mode will be more “bustling” than in Solo mode when teams often go together, and one person is attacked, the whole team will definitely counterattack, not just alone as above. Solo mode. The path from Knock to the wooden box will also be faster if you are spotted by two or more enemies.

And in Solo mode, the level of fighting will not be as harsh as in Squad, but the disadvantage for gamers is that they cannot “revive” like the knock mechanism in Squad. In addition, the fighting was not prolonged because the player was alone and if he was “lying down”, he could not “stand up” anymore.

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4. Won TOP 1

PUBG solo squad

You can stay away from the team for the first time if you prefer to loot by yourself and be careful if you don’t want to be killed by the enemy team, but if you are in the last boil then you should go with your team. me. At this time, surviving in the Squad will become very difficult and the fighting will be extremely stressful because the survivors who reach the bottom board are always not faint fists.

You will have to plan and especially contact your teammates, the team who can communicate with each other via the mic, the ability to combine will be better and the level of winning TOP 1 is also higher, if not contactable. It will be a bit difficult for the team members to notify each other, not to mention that teammates get knocked and have to cover to save, generally very hard and tense. In Solo mode, surviving will be easier and more leisurely when you can wait for others to destroy each other to win TOP 1 easier.

There are a few factors in PUBG between the two modes Solo and SquadYou can also compare these factors in PUBG Mobile.

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