PUBG Season 9: What you need to know about the new Paramo map

Paramo Map new PUBG There will be a volcano, constantly spewing lava and limiting the play area. Volcanic map of PUBG promises to bring gamers a new season of play full of exciting surprises.

PUBG PC season 9 officially starts with a new map called Paramo. What’s so special about this PUBG map? Here’s everything you need to know about Paramo of PUBG season 9.

Topography and “dynamic” position

The new map is named Paramo on the highlands of South America. Paramo will be the second smallest map of PUBG with a size of 3×3 – 2 times larger than Karakin. It has as many settlements and highlights as any previous PUBG map. However, the locations in town will change with each match.

Paramo map in PUBG

Even the map terrain also rotates with each match. Therefore, players will find it harder to get used to the map, so it becomes more important to plan action strategies and should be more cautious in each step.

New volcanic mechanism

To add to the appeal, PUBG places a volcano that continuously spews lava on the map. Deadly lava flows divide regions and make them extremely dangerous for every gamer to reach. When combined with the blue zone mechanism, Paramo will be even more difficult to play.

Volcano on the new PUBG map

To help players solve all dangers on this island, PUBG will add a new item – Critical Response Kit. This kit has the ability to revive players for a second – a perfect rescue method for those stuck in tight spots.

Finally, you can’t play Paramo in FPS mode. It is still unclear why the game developer removed this map from first-person shooting mode.

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