PUBG Mobile: Tips to improve control skills when playing on mobile

Show player numbers PUBG Mobile Every day is very crowded, both on the phone and on the computer emulator, if users install and play PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy, the game control will be much easier than the players on the phone.

Currently there are also a lot of support tools for players PUBG Mobile By phone, tools like joystick buttons are being chosen by many gamers as game support tools PUBG Mobile. It will give gamers more control when meeting players from PUBG Mobile PC emulator.

But even when there are game support tools on your phone, you also need to practice your control skills, the other “toys” only support you 50%, where else’s control skills. You are still a prerequisite to win the TOP 1. Here are a few tips that will help you control PUBG Mobile on your phone better.

PUBG Mobile: Tips to improve your mobile gaming skills

1. Play FPP mode

PUBG Mobile

On phones, the player screen will be much smaller than on PC, so choose to use the viewing angle FPP is a wise choice when everything is bigger. It is possible that in this mode, many people cannot see more broadly in the TPP perspective, but if it is to aim, it is better than the mode. TPP so many, so much.

Moreover, gamers often watch ADS even when using the TPP perspective to be more accurate because whatever type will also loot Scope, or at least Red Dot or Holo Sight. Furthermore, the controls on the phone are not as flexible as the PC, so please use the FPP perspective when playing PUBG Mobile on the phone.

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2. Move and shoot

PUBG Mobile

Moving while aiming is the best way to get the least amount of damage, but the gun’s accuracy will drop significantly when you do this trick. Not just inside PUBG Mobile but in all other shooters.

So if you want to both move and cause the enemy to be hit by bullets, you can continuously move left and right, after you have focused on the opponent. Or more effectively, aim at the opponent’s head and move Switch to the sides, click to shoot. Remember to turn on the feature Aim Assist up.

3. Use the Gyroscope feature

PUBG Mobile

This feature is well known to many gamers, it allows the user to control the gun barrel or character if you go to Settings and customize it. It is like in racing games, Gyroscope will give you more precise control thanks to the movement of the machine instead of using sensors.

This will help you prevail in long-range and mid-range gunfights when the touchscreen is not very responsive. In addition to turning this feature on, you can also adjust the level of Gyroscope in the item Sensitivity.

4. Use controls that match your controls

PUBG Mobile

There are all three control presets to choose from to match your controls in the Controls tab, choosing the most appropriate and familiar control for easier control and easy to spend TOP 1. than.

PUBG Mobile

In addition to choosing the default control method that PUBG Mobile presets for you, you can also adjust every detail of the control icon according to the position for more convenience when playing.

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5. Leaning

PUBG Mobile

This section is also displayed in the settings section, you can not see it in the article How to lean in PUBG MobileIn a place with few houses to hide, you can hide behind a tree, leaning sideways to attack the enemy.

That way, your body part will be less exposed to the enemy donating bullets into it, but please locate the enemy and then tilt your head to show your head.

Hopefully, with some of the above tips will give you better control when playing PUBG Mobile on your phone, in addition to the control skills, you need to have experience when playing, if you are a new gamer, please refer to some tips to play PUBG Mobile in the article PUBG Mobile: Want to be a Pro, just follow these simple tips.

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