PUBG Mobile: Tips to avoid being knocked most effectively

There are reasons why players are knocked out in PUBG Mobile in a very … silly way, the reason why players are negligent, inexperienced in fighting, leading to being knocked and dying in a very unjust way. both novice gamers as well as pro gamers. Here will remind you of tips to help reduce the likelihood of being knocked in PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile: Tips to avoid being knocked the most in the game

1. Lie down while loot

PUBG Mobile Knock

Your backpack is short of gear and you just took down an enemy, of course if you are in the early game, you still have to get close to loot to see if there is something in that crate, and keeping it safe is good. first when loot, especially when loot in the middle of nowhere.

So lie down near that wooden crate and do loot, if you are in the early game, do not worry because the chance of being destroyed by scope is very low because this is the early game, the surrounding enemies have not loot. There are many items but still be careful to avoid falling into the sights of those closest to you.

2. Try to get inside while in the Red Zone

PUBG Mobile Knock

Red Zone is a feature that describes the most authenticity in PUBG Mobile, when entering this area you will be hit by unknown bombs coming from anywhere. Many gamers are busy looting or fighting without noticing that they are in the Red Zone, and by the time they know, they have been hit in the head by bombs.

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If you accidentally get into the Red Zone in the match, find the nearest building to avoid bombs, or the nearest container is fine.

3. Avoid jumping from high areas and moving vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Knock

Don’t rush unless you want to commit suicide, either jumping from a certain height down or attempting to jump off a vehicle while moving at high speed will cost you a sizeable amount of health, which can cost you. knocked out and in danger, so stop the car completely then jump down, and take the stairs if you’re on a higher floor.

4. Loot Air Drop

PUBG Mobile Knock

“Sweet nectar kills” The sentence will be for those who see the Air Drop rushing without paying attention to what’s around you, remember that there will also be many enemies who see the Air Drop and run to loot, and it will be bad if all. Both meet at the same time, the more dangerous is that there are guys who will watch other players come close and “euphoria” and then spoiled for loot.

So you can also apply the plan of becoming an assassin, remember to slowly press the box where the “hearing” falls and do not be in a hurry. Wait for someone to come and kill him then loot, so you will collect more resources than that.

5. Choosing items for too long while loot

PUBG Mobile Knock

Many inexperienced new players will die unjustly by not knowing which weapon is right for you, or wondering which items to bring, which will make you easily knocked out if you get knocked out. detected by the enemy while looting. Should choose right weapon that best suits your play style and focus on finding other things.

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6. Should ride rather than jog

PUBG Mobile Knock

This maybe every gamer knows when playing PUBG Mobile, except for the time in the last round, when you are out of the circle, you will be in danger if you are boiled for blood without a car or recovery item to hold on or move. So for now, hop on whatever car you see on the road.

You can find vehicles in crowded areas with buildings. In addition, moving vehicles can also defeat enemies if you crash into them.

7. Use headphones while playing games

PUBG Mobile Knock

When using the speakerphone, if you have to keep the volume as loud as possible, you will not be able to hear exactly some sounds emitted in the game using headphones, you will hear footsteps and gunshots in the clearest way. Best of all, you can communicate better with your teammates if you use headphones.

8. Reduce image quality for smoother play

PUBG Mobile Knock

Not everyone has a high-profile device to play PUBG Mobile with the smoothest high configuration, so if your device does not have a very strong configuration, reduce the graphics to the lowest level and increase the frame rate. the highest level will help the image become smoother.

From there, the control will be more efficient and less likely to knock. Many gamers with low-profile devices died unjustly because they could not react when attacked.

The above are some tips to help you avoid getting knocked in PUBG Mobile, reducing the ability to knock in the game will make you and your teammates less difficult when fighting in PUBG Mobile. From there the possibility of winning TOP 1 will be higher.

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