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PUBG Mobile: The most annoying reasons for players in the game

You are not always able to entertain comfortably and conveniently with PUBG Mobile, there will always be reasons to distract you, not be able to participate in the game, not to win TOP 1 when it is ahead. my eyes. So what are the reasons that make you the most annoying in the game, let’s see the article of below.

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1. Meet “Hacker”

PUBG Hacker

This is not just a problem of PUBG Mobile, any game if encountering a hack will make you angry, if you use hacking to prevent hacking, do not say what to do, but for gamers “clean. “It will be extremely inhibitory when you encounter” banana “ingredients like this. And even if you use your best fighting skills, hacking is completely useless.

In short, hacking in any game will be condemned, especially in PUBG Mobile, imagine that you have killed a fair number of enemies and are in TOP 10, suddenly eating a pan in your head. What will it feel like when knowing where the enemy is?

2. Lag / Disconnection in the game

PUBG Hacker

This is also the problem that probably all gamers feel uncomfortable when playing games, on their mobile devices, if gamers play on Wifi, they can be stable and less likely to lose their lives. compared with 3G / 4G of the carrier, the wired network is of course not equal.

LAG or disconnection while playing is inevitable, it is worth mentioning here that when you are killing a few delicious enemies, or worse, being in TOP 10 and having this phenomenon is frustrating. Anyway, not to mention in the event that your team is killed, your teammates will be “dis” and the fact that you are left alone to fight will be extremely pressure.

3. Meet “talkative” teammates

PUBG Hacker

Everyone knows that sound will contribute a great part in combat effectiveness such as listening to footsteps, gunshots … but listening to your voice chat teammates will both be effective and harmful. This is when you can hear what your teammates are facing and can customize the situation to coordinate with your teammates, or be able to spot enemies around you …

The harm here is that it will distract you while fighting, for example you are focusing on shooting an unknown “chicken” that is being placed in your sights, or simply settling. I heard footsteps and gunshots around, but I heard teammates’ babbling like “yes x4”, “have armor 2”, “you stupid”, “where are my shoes”, “aren’t you wearing armor”… can you still focus on the things around you?

4. Died of … car explosion

PUBG Hacker

There are many reasons for your vehicle to explode, if you are shot by an enemy, you will not say anything, but if you have the skill of driving and are very careful, sometimes you can still die suddenly. . Just hit an invisible ledge or move into a perfect angle, your car will be knocked over and rolled down to the foot of the hill. Because PUBG Mobile is designed so that it resembles reality, at this time, you will still take damage as usual and may be knocked down.

5. Killed by enemy “TOP 1 – 1 Kill”

PUBG Hacker

If the enemy only gets 1 kill and it’s your own life, what will it feel like? There are a lot of people who use hiding and loot and then just camp in the last board and there is no movement, then you are entering the board after going through many waves and waves, if you have not done anything, you will be This “camper” already defeated, of course, nothing wrong but it will be a bit pale if you enter the game without fighting, without any gunfight.

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