PUBG Mobile: The essential items in the last board

If you are “killed” at the beginning of the first match PUBG Mobile Simply go out into the lobby, call your friends, form a new Squad and start playing a new match, hoping that the team will coordinate better at the start of the match. If you have struggled to run and get to the last tip, it is another story.

Each gamer will loot a decent amount of items when entering the last board, no gamer has an empty bag running to the bottom board. Except for gamers who “keep themselves”, loot an adequate amount of items and then wait for the last board to wait. However, if the loot is not right the most necessary items, you will be very hard on the last tip, below this article. will point out a few essential items that you should have in your backpack before running to the bottom board PUBG Mobile Please.

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PUBG Mobile: The essential items in the last round

1. First Aid Kit

PUBG Mobile

This is the first thing that you should loot a little bit when running to the bottom board, you will not know what you encounter before stepping on the bottom board and playing against the last survivors, but you will know One thing for sure is how horrible it will be to eat your blood.

So plan for yourself a few packages First Aid Kit Before entering the last boar, if there are blood-eating borers, you do not have to worry because there are blood reserves already. Bandage should be ignored because of the long, longer recovery Med Kit recuperation 100% health But due to the long usage time and high space requirement, and the rarity, so few people use it to recover in the last board.

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2. Smoke Grenade (Smoke Grenade)

PUBG Mobile

This grenade is suitable for all terrains in all three maps in PUBG Mobile, except for the case of the last tip in the pond area. You will not be able to imagine that the grenade is “chilled” while playing this is extremely valuable when in the last board, loot it in the backpack when participating in the last bo, you have 50% advantage. then.

In any terrain, you can close the target by locating the enemy, then tossing a grenade right in front of them then proceeding close to them. Wait a while to see if they leave their position behind the smoke or not, if so, take your chance and destroy it, and if you are ambushed, just throw it in front and then lie down to healing. With just two ways like that, you will be less able to struggle against enemies in the last bo.

3. Frag Grenade

PUBG Mobile

Pomegranate explosion? Is it necessary to equip, yes, the end ring area is small and space to move will be limited. That is when this grenade comes into full play. However, it requires the player to calm down and determine the enemy’s position so that the damage will stick to the opponent.

However, if you don’t hit, it will still cause any weak enemy to jump up and move away if you jump into an area with no houses around, but if the enemy is hiding in the house, you only the “reward” for the enemy a few results, not dying will also be injured. If the enemy is outside, you are inside, you should not use this grenade.

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4. Ghillie Suit

PUBG Mobile

Bo can cluster anywhere on PUBG Mobile’s map, but the number of times it shrinks into a certain building is less than it collapses into an outside area. Almost every area where the last visit has at least a few patches of grass around, and now the clothes Ghillie Suit will prevail.

At the very least it doesn’t let you stand out from a different color when hiding in the bushes or lying down, however, coming with this coat is a requirement for maximum accuracy and speed. Because if you spot an enemy but can’t destroy them immediately, it’s only dangerous to yourself.

They will quickly find cover and peek on the map to see where the gun is coming from. From there observing and counter-attacking, if you move now, the enemy will know immediately, even crawling or lying down. So if you find the enemy in this suit, try to destroy the enemy as soon as you locate them.

5. Light Machine Guns

PUBG Mobile

Maybe in the last board, you do not need a lot of ammunition, but look for a gun equipped with a large quantity of ammunition, namely the LMG series with two M249 and DP-28.

PUBG Mobile

The M249 has the most ammo in the game at 100, while the DP-28 has slightly more damage than the M249, but only 47 bullets. The amount of ammunition so much will help you to dominate the last board. Because the enemy has thrown smoke bombs or lies down, you can still “fan” within that range, but with the amount of bullets and damage these two guns do, at least they will stick a few rounds and knock. Then just do the rest of your work.

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There are a few equipment you need to keep in mind to loot in your “career”, in addition to the above items and weapons, you also need to equip the necessary skills to use in all situations. when the last tip narrows. Article PUBG Mobile: Useful tips to help you win in the last round will help you in the “work” to win Chicken Dinner on your hands

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