PUBG Mobile Season 16: Essential tips to increase K / D ratio

Cách chơi PUBG Mobile mùa 16

PUBG Mobile Season 16 It has started and now is the time for gamers to find ways to increase in-game stats, such as win rate, K / D ratio. Here are some tips to increase survival and less deaths during the season PUBG Mobile season 16.

How to play PUBG Mobile season 16

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Don’t team up with random players

Simply put, very few random players will land with you or assist you on the battlefield as expected. When you have to fight a well-organized team without your comrades, the ability to survive is almost zero. Therefore, you should team up with your best friends or like-minded players in PUBG game to pushes K / D to higher levels.

Team up to fight in PUBG Mobile

Beware of hot drops

In PUBG Mobile, a hot drop is a place where you can easily loot good stuff. Therefore, these special locations are also places where many enemies are hidden, so the likelihood of being killed here is very high, especially at the beginning of the game.

Play on different maps

PUBG Mobile has 4 maps, including: Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar and Erangel 2.0 with many unique features. Advantage map with your playstyle could be the other player’s downside and vice versa. So, don’t be afraid to try all the maps to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This action also helps you to increase K / D in PUBG Mobile Season 16 easily.

Choose a safe landing point in PUBG season 16

Say no to unnecessary rush gameplay

“Lust, unsatisfactory” is always true in all cases and PUBG Mobile is no exception. Don’t rush into the enemy team without any preparation. The enemy can always lurk somewhere waiting for the chance to attack you. Therefore, act cautiously, plan a battle, and observe the battlefield before acting.

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There is no rush to play PUBG Mobile

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