PUBG Mobile: How to play haunted Erangel maps and tips for winning Halloweek mode

PUBG Mobile just introduced the creepy Erangel map to celebrate Halloween for gamers a few days ago. Here are details about Halloweek mode on PUBG Mobile’s Erangel map same win tips.

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How to play Erangel maps in Halloweek mode in PUBG Mobile

This map has a number of time-limited features like Bosses and special loot items. Therefore, you will see a few new Boss markers and zombie camps on the mini map when entering the match. You can only play this mode on the Erangel map. PUBG Mobile added 4 bosses to 4 locations on the map, including Gatka, Rozok, the north of the farm and the south of Pochinki.

Map of PUBG Mobile in Halloweek mode
Generous inventory in PUBG's Halloween mode

Besides, the programming team also makes some changes in certain positions. That’s where the corpses are stationed. The zombie camp is designed in a Halloween theme. In addition, the player can see groups of pumpkin heads appearing there, even zombie wolves. You need to eliminate them to get great rewards. To take down the undead quickly, you should use AR weapons with a shotgun.

A strong boss on the PUBG Mobile map

Bosses appear in fixed locations on the map. Boss Paimen has great power, fast movement speed and is aided by a number of zombies. Of course, by destroying the boss, you will have a generous reward. Although dangerous, this boss has limited location. Therefore, if you are hit by the Paimen boss and need healing, run to the safe zone and use your HP bar regeneration ability.

Headshot is the fastest way to defeat bosses in PUBG Mobile

In addition, there is a Spike Demon in Rozhok. It is also a powerful boss. The death crates of these bosses also contain valuable loot items. Shoot in the head is a quick way to take down, destroy the boss before it kills you with just one hit.

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Locations of zombies in PUBG Mobile

The above is Things you need to know about Halloweek mode in PUBG Mobile. Hope the article helps you conquer PUBG Mobile Halloween event faster.

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