PUBG Mobile 0.9 and no more physical additions

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 also known as PUBG Mobile Chinese version just added some new features and items to this survival game. There are mixed opinions about the changes in this update, but what are the specific changes? How they affect, let’s go through and analyze a little bit with this article.

Perhaps not satisfied with what PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 International version brings, so in recent days, China has officially tested the 0.9.0 update or gamers are familiar with the name. PUBG Mobile China, PUBG Mobile China… In this new version, there are a lot of new items, weapons as well as new features. Let’s see, what are they?

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1. Night mode in PUBG Mobile

It can be said that this is the most interesting and remarkable feature in the version PUBG Mobile in Chinese. This innovation brings more excitement as well as thrill to this survival shooting game. With a little real-time effect, when first playing, gamers will see that it is day, but just a few minutes later, immediately the scene becomes darker and night appears.

Night mode in PUBG Mobile

However, going with this feature are also weapons and other supporting items such as infrared glasses, night binoculars, laser sight, heat sensor … If you ever wish to transform into a special agents, like in an American action movie, try playing this PUBG Mobile night mode.

Night vision goggles in PUBG Mobile

2. Infrared viewfinder (night sight)

In addition to the night mode and weather effects, the new PUBG Mobile version also adds a night viewfinder (for night play mode). Not much different from the normal scopes, the only special feature of this type of sight is that it helps players to observe and shoot more accurately when the sky in PUBG Mobile turns at night.

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These are quite interesting features and items, which will contribute to making the game more impressive, interesting, thrilling and much more attractive than before.

3. PUBG Mobile adds the new gun QBU

It can be said that the addition of QBU will make PUBG Mobile terrifying and become a lot more dangerous. QBU in PUBG Mobile is inspired by the real-life sniper rifle (QBU) of the Chinese Army. It is one of the most powerful and dangerous sniper rifles.

New weapon in the survival game Pubg Mobile

QBU in the game Pubg Mobile is a sniper gun with the following characteristics:

  • Uses 5.56 mm ammo
  • 10-bullet magazine like other DMRs
  • Has lower damage, but has the fastest rate of fire and projectile flight speed
  • You can’t add grip or attachments to prevent recoil, so when using the QBU, players are forced to lie down on the gun to improve accuracy.
  • There are two legs mounted using the barrel, helping to reduce vibration, anti-shock, and increase accuracy when aiming for the player.
  • Currently, the QBU appears and is exclusive to the Sanhok map

Parameters of the new gun QBU

The QBU’s default magazine is 10 rounds, but can support the auxiliary band to double the number. The QBU can also use additional Holo or Scope scopes to find or fire off targets at a distance.

New QBU gun in PUBG Mobile

Imagine you are running across or across a wide wing without even knowing it in tall buildings, on rooftops, or in some overgrown grove, a QBU is sweeping after you and ready. release the bullet whenever. That is very scared indeed!

4. Drive away from the first person perspective

This is a change that brings a very interesting experience for players. Because in the past, we often drive and observe this from the perspective of the Need for Speed ​​or Asphalt 9: Legends racing games, although it will be easier to control, but the feeling will not be as real as this time. in PUBG Mobile.

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Driving mode first person

Not only with cars but also while driving a motorcycle, we can also experience this. More specifically, it is that the interior and interface of the interior of the car has been changed significantly compared to before. At the same time, each time you drive, you will hear a song, each different vehicle will be different music.

Motorbike driving mode in pubg mobile survival shooter

5. Additional Rony cars in PUBG Mobile

In addition to the above changes, Pubg Mobile also adds the appearance of a new pickup truck, that is Rony. This vehicle is easily recognized with its striking white color, the rear tank allows for more players.

New cars in Pubg Mobile

6. Additional lifts

High-rise buildings are always a favorite destination for gamers, not only a place to loot safe and rich items, but also because this will be the ideal place to ambush snipers. However, recently, to create more fairness as well as drama, PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 China added a lift system (elevator), allowing players to easily reach the roof without going through stairs, hooking tires, attacking in many new ways.

Elevator in PUBG Mobile

7. Activate bulletproof shield in PUBG Mobile

A feature with bold “muddy” that China’s new PUBG Mobile has just added, is the shield against bullets. When using this feature, a large shield will appear for a few seconds to protect you and other teammates from enemy attacks.

Although, it will take more time for us to find a plan or locate the person who attacked us, but this is also a feature that reduces the attractiveness, suspense and “birth control”. survival “of the game.

Bulletproof shields in the game Pubg Mobile

8. Virtual image creation feature in PUBG Mobile

Among the new updates, in addition to all the above features, this is probably the most “shitty” feature of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile (according to the writer’s personal opinion). Specifically, it allows players to use some special items to create virtual images of characters in the game to deceive the opponent.

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Virtual images in PUBG Mobile

Or can use electric traps, paralyzing opponents.

Virtual imagery item in PUBG Mobile

Create fake trees

Create a tree pattern in Pubg Mobile

Or turn yourself into a rock to avoid attention, attack from other players.

Create rock form in pubg mobile

9. Dancing grenades

Another “game breaking” feature is dancing grenades. Specifically, instead of causing damage like explosive grenades (Frag Grenade), not stunned like the Stun Grenade nor “temporary blind” like Smoke Grenade, dancing grenades make those who are “damaged” dance. Uncontrollable and cannot be stopped.

Grenades dancing in PUBG Mobile

For many people in China or those who have downloaded and played PUBG Mobile in Chinese version, maybe update 0.9.0 brings many interesting changes and changes the player’s experience towards more fun. But with the personal opinion of the writer as well as many loyal gamers to the real survival game, this change brings a lot of negative effects and dislikes the original PUBG Mobile.

Because referring to the survival game, is referring to life or death, combat, fierce and a little wild. That is why players can attack each other with their bare hands, with a pan. The appearance of night mode, new cars, new guns are acceptable, but with dancing grenades, virtual images, this survival game from the shooting action genre has been. Switch to a fantasy action game or a funny survival game like Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

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