PUBG gamers were accused of “living a fault”, borrowed money and forgot to pay, selling cheap honor because… 1 million dong

The stories of cheating love and money fraud are probably not too strange for any gaming community. Recently, another incident caused a stir in the PUBG player community. It is worth mentioning that the amount of loss is not too large, only… 1 million dong, but the character mentioned in the “disclosure” screen below did not hesitate to sell his honor because of it.

As far as sharing is known, PTP gamers have borrowed 1 million VND from a member of the same clan for the reason of urgent debt. Out of respect for the brotherhood of friends who help each other in difficult times, the friend did not even think twice and immediately lend him money, even because he wanted to save face for the guy, the friend did not ask for it. to voluntarily pay. However, in response to that goodwill, the young man nearly 3 months later still did not mention the refund of the money, and used one reason after another to avoid debt. At that time, I was watching the net shop, was in the countryside, or the family was in mourning … etc. Inbox did not reply but still online, livestream the game as usual, making the creditors extremely angry.

“I wanted to save face, so I also relaxed without asking, as normal as if there was nothing for the young man to voluntarily pay, but in the end, until now. When we borrow it, it’s quick and quick, when we ask for it, it’s like we’re begging for your house.” Friend to share loan.


One more special detail in this story is that the subject claims to be a police officer and has two large net shops at home. But when asked for the address, he gave the address of … the car wash. Every action and word accuses the guy of being a fraud, so the owner of the post decided to post a forum to denounce this male gamer in front of the PUBG player community to expose his true face. avoid letting him continue to cheat other players.

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With a bright and handsome appearance, many people were surprised when he got involved in this not-so-beautiful scandal. However, many people suspect that maybe he is borrowing his image to pretend to be someone else to cheat, even his police label is fake.


The incident, after being posted publicly, caused a stir in the community and attracted comments from members. However, the main character in this cover-up has not yet appeared or corrected any information. It is not known who the true story as well as the identity of this male gamer is. Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update in the next article when more latest information is available.​

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