PUBG – Fake death on the car, the gamer eats a couple of lives

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What to do when your teammates are dead and you are alone in the Team? How if you now have to face alone with opponents who can cover and support each other while you’ve been hit by bullets, there’s no chance? In PUBG, if you are in such a situation, you have 2 options. One is to commit suicide with a grenade right at your feet. The second is to accept the challenge, accept the reality and try to survive by avoiding crowded places.. such as around the supply box.


But for Midnud gamers, the allure of the chest is much greater than its own safety. And when he walked to the red box with a pillar of smoke in the sky, he was immediately surrounded by another Team. However, what Midnud does not only helps him to get out of the crate area, but also deceives the enemy Team and has 2 instant lives.


Accordingly, when knowing that his position was about to become a shooting range, Midnud ran to his motorbike nearby and sat in the back seat. Exactly, in PUBG once you stop and get out of the car, the car will fall to the ground. If you return to the front seat, the car will automatically raise, but if you choose the back seat, the car will remain in the same position. This creates a monstrous scene where the player sits on the back seat of a motorcycle and remains sprawled on the ground. But that’s the intention of Midnud and his noisy teammates (who wouldn’t, especially when you’re alone and your friends are dead and it’s like bringing the whole family to comment. directs you how to play).


Immediately a strange thing happened when the enemy team approached Midnud’s position and… did nothing. The first guy looked directly at his monstrous posture for a split second and then turned away, easily thinking this was just a game bug showing the body of a dead player. The second guy probably also came to the same conclusion when he soon raised his gun to look at the location of another Team nearby. But just a few seconds later the funniest image appeared when one of the two men climbed on to a motorbike and discovered that Midnud’s body was not a dead player with a game error… but an equal. flesh and blood was wrapping his arms around his chest. He jumped in panic but it was too late because at that time Midnud soon shot down one and continued to send the other to the Game Over screen.

You can watch the full clip here:

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