PUBG also wants to build its own universe like Marvel, DC?

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Only released for 1 year, but the destructive power of PUGB (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has spread worldwide. Currently, when these “golden egg-laying chickens” are hot, publishers cannot help but take advantage of the opportunity to rely on that to maximize its potential. Developer of PUGB Of course there will be no exception. Recently, CEO PUBG Corp. – Kim Chang Han revealed that he wants to lean on PUBG to create related products such as movies, comics, animations, TV series…, in order to build a strong universe for their empire. Moreover, major movie studios such as Hollywood, Netflix… have also come to ask for cooperation PUGB develop this universe.

CEO Kim Chang Han

Specifically, in an interview with InvenGlobal, CEO PUBG Corp. – Kim Chang Han shared that they wanted to make the game a hit PUGB (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) develops in the direction of “multimedia”ization. They will take eSports as the foundation, then carry out comprehensive development in areas from film, television to even comic, cartoon. In fact, they have now received many enthusiastic cooperation offers from Hollywood and Netflix. PUBG Corp. whose goal is to create a great universe like Marvel, DC culture based eSports. If PUGB cooperation with Hollywood will certainly specialize in the production of movies and if it is the Netflix side, it may include movies and cartoons. This project is expected to attract a lot of attention from gamers PUBG as well as those interested in movies with content like the Battle Royale series.


Currently, the fact that entertainment companies all want to create their own universe is no longer a strange thing for fans. However, not everyone can build a strong and stable empire for many years like Marvel and DC. Many large and small companies are still struggling on the way to find a place for their universe. So when PUBG Corp. wants to “get a hand” and the film and television segment is an interesting but equally risky step. Will this be a brilliantly successful plan like the game? PUBG Or just a “bomb” nothing more and nothing less? Perhaps it will have to wait until the project officially goes into operation before everyone can find the correct answer.


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