PS4 vs PS5 configuration – How big is the hardware gap?

The PS4 configuration will of course be much lower Playstation 5 is coming in November come here. But do you want to know exactly how big this hardware gap is? A PS4 game versus a PS5 game will have a style difference ‘a sky and a cliff’ is not? Let’s take a look at nShop!

Configure ps4 vs ps5

PS4 Configuration vs PS5 Configuration – Still the mighty tiger

Although launched for 7 years, if comparing the PS4 console configuration of Sony with the current consoles, this configuration is still strong enough to weigh many blockbuster titles. In addition, the configuration of the PS4 Pro with 4K resolution support shortens the gap with current hardware:

PS4 PS4 Pro PS5

x86-64 AMD Jaguar

8 times 1.6 Ghz – 2.75 Ghz

x86-64 AMD Jaguar

8 times 1.6 Ghz – 2.75 Ghz

AMD Zen 2

3.5GHz octa-core


GPU Clock: 800 MHz


GPU Clock: 911 MHz


GPU Clock: 2.23GHz

10.28 TFLOPs

Ram GDDR5 8GB / 256-bit GDDR5 8GB / 256-bit 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit
Bandwidth 176.0 GB / s 176.0 GB / s 448GB / s

As you can see above, the teraflop difference (TFLOP – The graphics processor’s ability to compute 1 trillion floating point operations per second) then obviously the PS4 Pro’s graphics capabilities are 2.3 times stronger than PS4 and PS5 is 2.5 times stronger than PS4 Pro and 5.6 times the PS4 Slim / PS4 Fat.

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Does a configuration with a larger FLOP mean faster device, more powerful graphics?

This comparison is not 100% accurate, but usually it is. In addition to the fact you can still see many graphics chips with lower teraflops (a little bit) but outperforms other higher chips due to internal structure, framebuffer, and core speed and other specifications. But this mostly shows up in 2 different brands such as AMD chips comparing Nvidia.

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With the Sony Playstation series, the PS4 configuration and the PS5 configuration use the same AMD company, so the architecture is not much different between generations, if you want to compare the most easily you can care about this index is approximate. .

xbox x series graphics chip

*** Fun fact: Maybe you don’t know, Xbox Series X game console Although Microsoft is a competitor to the PS5 but still uses the same AMD graphics chip platform, the performance is even higher than the PS5 is 12 teraflops. This is a trick to attract fans who love hardware configuration.

Will the new game still be released on PS4 in 2021-2022?

With that said, the PS4 configuration is still capable enough to sustain future blockbuster titles. With the release of PS5 in October, of course game developers will prioritize the new system, but do not worry too much because they are not stupid. ‘all in’ into the new 100% platform that bypasses the platform with more than 100 million users.

Tendency Part design of the Playstation is PCizing gradually, the platform for porting the game to and fro is also quite easy. If doing a graphical comparison, the processor chip of:

  • Configure PS4 Fat / PS4 Slim ~ Radeon R7 265
  • Configure PS4 Pro ~ Radeon R9 280X
  • Configure PS5 ~ Radeon RX 5700 XT

Configure PS4 and PS5 in common AMD chip

Thus, later new games such as Call of Duty 2021 or new Battlefield, FIFA 22 can still be guaranteed to run on PS4 and PS4 Pro configurations, only with the difference in the image will downgrade to lower like you play PC games. with high resolution graphics card will play high resolution – high fps (max setting) and low-end graphics cards will play at low settings. More specifically, you will see the Spider-man game remake on the PS5 versus the PS4’s Spider-man is a prime example.

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spider-man ps4 vs ps5

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However, every game will come to a halt, if you own a PS4 – PS4 Pro, based on this PS4 configuration post, you can rest assured without rushing to upgrade the PS5 at peak price at launch. can wait. However, if you are just starting to think about buying a device now, please wait for the PS5 with PS5 Dualsense controller because it’s worth your time ‘Hold for a second’ very!

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