PS4 play screen: Don’t waste money for the 3 categories below …

Spending a large amount of money from 7 to 12 million dong to buy a Playstation but many gamers are still struggling with the PS4 play screen. That is a common problem for those who love game consoles because they still cannot play them immediately, but they also need a TV or video output device. In addition to the post guide, advice to buy PS4 TV Then today nShop will also help you list 3 types of PS4 monitors that you should not waste money on! Very useful for anyone who is looking to invest from A – Z gaming systems.

PS4 play screen

1 / PS4 play screen has 720p HD resolution

If you are wondering what HD is and what Full HD is, then simply say it is how to differentiate screen resolution of TV:

  • HD TV (Also known as HD Ready) 720p resolution is equivalent to 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Full HD TV has a resolution of 1080p equivalent to 1920 x 1080 pixels

PS4 supports standard resolutions of 1080p for Slim series and 4K for Pro series (4K is higher than Full HD – equivalent 3840 x 2160 pixels). As you can see, the 720p resolution is quite low and gives very poor quality when plugged into the PS4. If at the time of buying a PS4, you Consider buying an old PS4 to save 1-2 million VND Then when you buy a TV to play you also want to save 1-2 million when the price between the two types of 720p and 1080p is different, the advice for you is not.

compare TV screen resolutions

Compare TV screen resolution and quality between HD – Full HD – 4K

The results will be quite disappointing with the 720P resolution. If you use PS4 Pro, it is even more pathetic with these deviated chopsticks. Therefore, the criterion to buy a PS4 play screen is to absolutely avoid resolutions lower than HD 720p!

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2 / Mobile screen for PS4

If you watch through the clip of sweet honey advertising, that the mobile screen for PS4 is very convenient when moving out and still can play games. However, let’s go over what you need to bring with you:

  • PS4
  • Power cord
  • PS4 hands
  • Power socket and find power supply
  • Screen

mobile monitor for PS4

The screen is mobile for PS4 but actually loses the portability because it is too cumbersome …

Everything is tucked into a backpack and you look weird like someone who likes to show off when they drag them all out to the PES stone coffee table rather than a professional gamer. That is not to mention the quality of the mobile screen for the quality PS4 is usually not high compared to the price (Prioritize performance to portability).

You should only buy this type of monitor when your work, your working needs are often moved, but a laptop screen does not meet enough. Also bring a bunch of things to go out to play games with buy a Nintendo Switch seems much more plausible than mobile monitors for PS4, right?

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If you still want to use PS4 to play games while taking it out for some reason, then taking advantage of the laptop screen to play PS4 games is also a good idea. cheap capture card .

3 / PC screen to play PS4 games …

Of course, listed here is for those of you who do not have and are looking to buy monitors, not applicable to those who are trying to take advantage of existing monitors. (Why use it like that – it’s good to have thrifty qualities). If you plan to spend a fair amount of money on buying a PS4 monitor, focus on finding a good TV – don’t ramble through the computer screen.

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This is because the design and construction of a TV screen is designed to be fairly standard with a game console – both are originally meant to be! Playing PS4 games on TV will give perfect color, picture and definition than a PC screen.

LCD screen for PS4

This state-of-the-art PC gaming is great, but it will waste money playing PS4 and not getting the most out of the features …

Even if you buy a good quality PC monitor, 240Hz or have G-Sync technology, it is just a waste of PS4 support completely incompatible and in addition the color is not stable. TV too.

PS4 Game Machine

With the above tutorial, we hope you have the right decision for yourself when choosing the best and best PS4 screen for your budget. Can even use for both PS5 machine debuted in the next few years. There’s no reason to waste money on low-resolution monitors, mobile monitors for PS4, or PS4 monitors for PCs. The right choice will bring a better experience when playing the game in the long run! Wish you find the most satisfying food with the best Playstation!

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