Prussian Weapons impress with pure 3D graphics of swordplay

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As we know it, Prussian Armament is a title PC games in the genre of swordplay is about to be released in the near future. When participating in the game, after choosing one of the three characters Lang Phong, Mong Yen and La, players will begin to embark on the path to conquering Military Weapons – the book that hides information about countless secrets. The martial arts crew was lost, hidden in the treasures of the gods, thereby reviving a martial arts that was on the verge of decline. Unlike other game plots, in the world of Weapons of Prussia, there are no jobs, but the development of the main character depends on the type of weapon they choose.


From the images revealed about the game, it is true that Weapons of Prussia has completely impressed the players with its excellent graphics quality. The game is applied with complete 3D graphics with a wide-angle, layered design to create depth for the image. In particular, the images in the game are meticulously designed and detailed.


Inheriting the shape from the Vo Lam Truyen Ky 3D product, the 3D graphics of Military Weapons perfectly reproduce the large spaces and majestic landscapes in the wandering journey of martial artists.


From the scene, the scene to the characters, all have high sharpness and smoothness, harmonious, stable and diverse colors. Effects in the game are also clearly displayed to every detail, eye-catching. At the same time, gamers can also adjust the viewing angle, shrink, expand or rotate the angle to choose the most appropriate view. In particular, the Van Do Virtual Scene feature in the game also allows players to admire close-up costumes, weapons or other scenes in the game.


As can be seen, Military Weapons is a PC game with top-notch graphics quality and is not inferior to any other 3D game product available on the market. Through that, the game has built the scene of a world full of swordplay to every detail, not only satisfying the gaming community but also promising an adventure for martial artists. Future.

If you really love the style of the Vo Lam Truyen Ky game series and want to have a more perfect experience both in terms of images and gameplay, what are you waiting for without following the game’s official Fanpage to look forward to the day? debut.
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