PlayStation 5 and accompanying accessories are announced by Sony

PlayStation 5 and accompanying accessories are announced by Sony

The PlayStation 5 announcement event wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get to see the console. And for the first time, Sony has shared the appearance of the machine, so that everyone knows what the PlayStation 5 will look like.

As many had expected, the PS5 looks similar to the included DualSense controller. The handle was introduced in April, with a refined look and a new two-tone design. PS5 also keeps the same color tone. Even if you look at the picture, it is placed upright, but you can still place it horizontally.

PlayStation 5

The DualSense controller also adds haptic and adaptive trigger technology, allowing game developers to adjust vibrations based on player stress for a more precise feel than traditional vibration technology. The handle will keep the light bar lit from the DualShock 4, however its position has been changed.

As for the PlayStation 5, Sony does the same thing with the Xbox One S, which will come in two versions: one with a drive, and one without. The driveless version, called the Digital Edition, is thinner, but has a similar design. However, we still do not know the actual hardware of the machine, including price and launch time. Sony said this information will be announced later.

PlayStation 5

We also get to know some of the PlayStation 5’s accessories, including the DualSense controller charging dock, HD camera, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and remote control.

In addition, the event also announced dozens of PlayStation 5 games, many of which had never been announced before. Some of them include Rachet & Clark: Rift Apart, the latest installment in the popular platforming series “developed from the ground up” for PS5 and Resident Evil 8. Sony also made a surprise announcement for a Horizon Zero sequel. Dawn.

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