You just bought the machine New Nintendo 2DS (3DS) XL and are infatuated with dozens of new exciting games like Monster Hunter 4, Pokémon Sun / Moon, Fire Emblem Conquest…? However, Game n Shop also reminds you that one thing is not to forget a small but extremely important accessory that helps you fully enjoy the features of your game machine that is a DS copy game card called R4i.

R4i DSN eliminates the gap between original game and copy games, is compatible with almost 100% DS games with extremely fast game loading speed.

Playing DS games is easy on 2DS and 3DS

Why is it important? Simply put, R4i is important because the cost for it is very small in return for enormous benefits. For users of Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL about 10 years ago (Period 2007), R4 appeared on the market as a hero to save the gamer’s wallet. Instead of struggling with copyrighted games, players now simply need 1 R4 card and 1 MicroSD card to freely play DS copy game. Operation on the R4 is simple for everyone to do by themselves, without having to bother with hacking, unlocking …

R4i White Dual Core for Nintendo DS gaming

R4i Dual Core, the cheapest and most optimal choice for gamers

Due to differences in hardware design, at the present time when hacking 3DS machines, you still cannot play DS games on 3DS, except choose original gaming solution or buy more R4i device at Game n Shop.

Playing games with 3DS license, using R4i with a computer ban?

For customers who do not like to crack, hack because they are afraid of affecting the machine, they can be assured that R4i is almost optimal to the perfect level. At the present time, the R4i does not have any effect on your computer, and Nintendo has also stopped paying attention to the DS series so there will be no online scans just because you… use R4i! When you plug the R4i card in, the 2DS and 3DS only understand that you are plugging a Nintendo DS game tape into the computer and when you enter the game, the system will not access deep inside the game card content like it is doing with 3DS game. So rest assured this is a safe product.

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The power lies in this little card

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There are 2 types of r4i at Game n Shop: R4i Dual Core and R4i DSN. Both 2 are compatible with all Nintendo series including DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 2DS XL … To advise more details about the R4i feature you have Contact hotline 0909848921 or come and watch directly at:

> 66 Thanh Thai Ward 12 District 10 HCMC
> Kiot X01.114 Sunrise City – North Tower No. 27 Nguyen Huu Tho District 7 HCMC

You can check out the DS game on 3DS before deciding whether to invest a small amount or not, you can check out the list of 1837 Nintendo DS titles at Wiki: List of DS games



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