Places to hide Free Fire map Desert Island few people know

Kalahari aka Desert Island is the newest map in tactical shooter game Free Fire, there are many secret locations that most players don’t know about. Here are the top Free Fire map desert places that you should not go if you are surviving here.

Hideout Free Fire map Desert Island These little-known locations are great locations for players to camp and surprise enemies, attacking them from far or near, giving players many advantages. Refer to the secret spots on Taimienphi’s list.

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Tips for playing Desert Island map in Garena Free Fire

The location, hiding place on the Desert Island map in Free Fire is little known

– Oil Refinery: It is located in the center of the Desert Island map in Free Fire on a high hill, you can use the slider to get to this location. The top of the tower is a great spot for snipers and also the best hiding place.
– Another place around Oil Refinery Area is the secret gap on the rocky hill.
– Ancient Town: This is also a great hiding place that very few gamers pay attention to, they just quickly focus on moving over without paying attention to see if there is anything under the water.

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– Bay: You can find a large truck at the push to hide or camp around, note you need to lie on the truck to avoid exposing your small head, be careful not to eat Headshot like playing it.
– Submarine Workshop: Don’t miss this secret hideout in the Free Fire Desert Island map, it’s located on the south side of the map. You can climb to the top of the ship to snipe. What’s more, enemies on the ground can hardly shoot you if you are exposed or have an opening.

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– Back to the Old Town: There is a secret basement in this location, it is located in a ruined building in the Old Town, very few Free Fire players know about this place except you.
– Residential Area: You can find a secret vent in the Residential Area in the ceiling of a room, you can use hooks to reach the edge of the hole and sit there. If anyone enters the room, you can destroy them.

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There are also many other little-known Free Fire map locations or hiding places that Taimienphi has not listed, interested readers can refer to the video below to understand all of them. Booyah on the Desert Island map.

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Also, learn more about the best loot locations on the Free Fire Apocalyptic Desert Island map below map

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