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Overwhelmed with real-life Japanese Transformers

Originating from Japan, “transforming robot” is a fascinating topic that is exploited in many ways from entertainment toys, books to movies. And speaking of the global framework Transformers is one of the most famous names on this topic when there have been 5 films that have been released throughout from 2007 to present.

Symbol of Transformers – leader Optimus Prime powerful

For technology lovers, Transformers is a challenge, a peak for them. Back in 2014, a Japanese technology company named Brave Robotics released a complete version of the transforming robot called J-deite Quarter. This robot can automatically transform from the shape of a car into a complete robot with elaborate assembly steps no less than Optimus Prime in the movie. Although this robot is only 1m3 tall, this is also a success of Brave Robotics and a fulcrum for them to make a “terrible” and more realistic product.

J-deite Quarter 2014

And until the end of April, they were officially released J-deite RIDE – an authentic Transformers with a height of up to 4m. And the best thing about this robot is not just its size, it’s how it can transform while-with-passenger-in-car. It can be said that with this breakthrough, Brave Robotics has almost reached the peak of true Transformers.

Although RIDE’s transformation takes a bit of time because of slow motion, and with that, many companies or technology experts have released different versions of Transformers in real life, but in order to can perfect the ability to transform with such perfect details, steps and robot dimensions, the Japanese are becoming the leading pioneer.

It can be seen that human ability is truly immeasurable as we are creating more and more amazing things. In the immediate future, according to the director of Brave Robotics, they will use J-deite RIDE at amusement parks or for other film projects.

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