Overview of Plunder mode in Call Of Duty Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is the most popular survival shooter game on mobile today. The game includes 2 separate modes: battle royale and plunder. If as the mode battle royale So familiar to all gamers, there are quite a few players who choose the game mode plunder.

However, the mode Plunder Call Of Duty Warzone’s also an extremely attractive game mode. Let’s learn about this mode in the article below.

Not as serious as mortal battle royal, in regime plunder, gamers will coordinate with their teammates to earn as much money as possible. Specifically, you will have to gather enough $ 1 million within 30 minutesMoney here is earned by controlling deposit locations on the map, robbing enemies or completing contract missions. If the time has not expired but a team has gathered the specified amount, the timer will activate an additional interval 3 minutes again. At this point, the amount the player earns will be doubled. All the money the teams collect will be deposited into the bank and by the end of the game the team with the more money in the bank, that team wins.

Gather $ 1 million in 30 minutes

Yet the mode Plunder give gamers an unlimited number of respawns but each time you revive, you will lose a certain amount and this amount will increase proportionally with the amount you are holding. Therefore, you should deposit money in the bank in one of two ways

  • Checked balloons (Deposit Balloons): Players can easily buy them at the stations (Buy Station) but each time you only send $ 150000.
  • Helicopter pig tube (Helicopter Pads): With the second method, gamers can send an unlimited amount of money they have. More specifically, when owning $ 300,000 or more, go to the position with the special symbol (the saver pig) and activate. Then a helicopter will fly over and you can send money in there.
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Bank depositors


  • If you are accidentally “killed”, you will take about 15 seconds to “re-emerge Gypsy”
  • Try changing your game strategy by landing in a separate location, you can spoil the supply box on the map to collect cash and other useful loot.
  • If your team is lagging behind the others then don’t worry, consider hunting and looting from the team with the most money.

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