Overdoing it, the owner of the Net shop decided to “dry the blood” with only 2 VND/hour to play

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Competition is inevitable in any business. “The marketplace is like a battlefield”. Therefore, setting a reasonable price always makes business people a headache. When the opponent “devalues”, the loss of customers is more or less natural. Profits are not much, but competition is getting fiercer.

For example, profession net business. Keeping up with such difficult economic times, to retain customers is a difficult problem for any net owner, forcing them to think of all kinds of tricks, unique and strange business forms, even even “market devaluation”.

However, from this arises a problem: Competing to lower prices like that, is it true that net workers are creating a dead end for themselves? When people in the profession have many times argued fiercely before the promotional moves to “dry blood”, promotion defiantly of some bosses.​


Typically, recently, the image of a game hour discount announcement of a net shop owner in Gia Vien – Ninh Binh down to… 2đ/hour to play, making many people startled and slim. With such an unacceptable level of “dumping”, many colleagues had to go crazy. 2d/hour to play, it would be better to go straight to the promotion for free, so some are still skeptical, don’t know if this shop owner mistakenly wrote 2k (2 thousand dong) into 2d or not? Even if it’s 2k/h, how long will it take to recover the capital?


Still know that promotion is a good business tactic, when the general mentality of every customer wants to enjoy the greatest possible offer. For example, a 50% discount on the price of the top-up card, a discount on golden hours or gamers can choose other super attractive combo packages.

However, no matter how much promotion, profit must still be the top priority. Therefore, when in the midst of the situation of net shop If they compete to lower the price to the floor like now, they do not understand that… where is the profit? Electricity, internet, house, service… All of that is not free!


Many other colleagues have to exclaim, “Give a knife to outsiders to cut your throat”, “Squeeze yourself and die, this is also known as a peaceful death, dying slowly, until the end, I don’t understand why Why am I dead?” Someone even showed a way for the owner of the net next door to compete: “Now you increase the price by 2k and then give us money to create a nick to hang the full machine on the other side 24/24, customers without playing machines will come to your shop” causing Many shop owners have to nod their heads, which is really high.

One thing is that, the net business profession is showing signs of serious decline, or uneven development, for many reasons. Of course, the objective reasons are difficult to control, but the people themselves are also one of the reasons why the net business becomes “foam”. When the bosses compete to lower the floor price or launch promotional tricks to “dry blood”, the beneficiaries here are only customers and players. Can attract many customers, but the amount of profit earned is not commensurate with the effort that they put in, maybe the netizen is creating their own “dead end”.​

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