Old Wii machines are outdated, but don’t waste it, you can still make use of it!

Old Wii machines bought from 2006-2010 until now are relatively outdated, if you compare the 480p picture with Full HD / 4K games on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you will surely be hard to swallow. However, instead of “throwing in the back”, you can still take advantage of it in some more useful features / uses!

Take advantage of an old Wii game that plays a 4-button electronic emulator (NES tape player, SNES or GBA)

With the relatively easy unlocking of the Wii and the Homebrew Channel installed, you can use the Wii to play classic four-button electronic games from a NES, SNES or GBA tape machine like tank shooting, bricklaying, Mario. , Natra saves mom … Very interestingly, instead of going out to buy retro game consoles from China, you can use the genuine Nintendo hardware with emulator programs designed relatively stable. .

Play NES games on old Wii machines

You can view the Homebrew Channel manual at Or if your device has not been unlocked, you can refer to the Wii unlocking service of nShop!

Use the Wii game console as an exercise machine

Yes, you did not hear wrong! The Nintendo Wii was once considered to be the most efficient exercise machine with a lot of active games. From Wii Fit (You can purchase more Wii Fit desk if you want) to dance games like Just Dance, dance Dance Dance Revolution carpet, Family Trainer Mat... If your family has any idea that you want to buy a treadmill or a fitness bike, check out the solution to use an existing Wii instead!

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Recommended Wii games that can help with your exercise include:

  1. Just Dance – There are many versions, different between the music of each part. If you are a music lover, you can install all the parts of Just Dance to play and exercise, change the music for more fun.
  2. Dance Dance Revolution – Dance carpet required to use, can be purchased at nShop. The arrow jump game is like in a supermarket
  3. Family Trainer – Requires a movement mat, can be purchased at nShop. The game is like DDR but is more fitness-oriented

    Take a look at Family Trainer Mat

  4. EA Active Sport – Exercise game is invested carefully from EA Sport is rated very effective. There are a number of items required, but most of them can be homemade and remade at home.
  5. Zumba Fitness – Similar to Just Dance but mainly about Zumba dance
  6. My Fitness Coach
  7. Wii Sport – The inside includes 4 sports games in which the most emphasis is Tennis and Boxing that extremely consumes the energy of the player.
  8. Yoga Wii
  9. Wii Sport Resort
  10. Gold’s Gym: Cardio Workout

Old Wii games were good

Yes, there is no better feature for consoles than playing games. If you feel that the graphics of the old Wii machine are unacceptable then try games in 2D drawing style. The graphics of these games are usually not outdated compared to 3D rendering games.

top best Wii game

nShop recommends some old games that are good for you as follows:

  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Rayman Origin
  • Wario Land: Shake It!
  • Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
  • Muramasa
  • A boy and his blob
  • Metal Slug
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
  • Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy

In addition, with an old Wii unlocked you can also install Nintendont – an additional program for your Wii to play all Gamecube games copied to the mobile hard drive. From there opened up a huge game library even more.

Refer to the Nintendont manual: Click

Give it back to people who need it more than you

The last use when you no longer want to use it, perhaps you should give it to a relative, friend or someone who needs it more than you. Don’t be afraid to give away an outdated game console to someone else because donating a PS4 Pro or Nintendo Switch is beyond the capabilities of a friend or relative. But at this point, there are still many people looking to buy old Wii because its benefits are still useful to them.

give back the old Wii machine

You will find that there are still many people who go to buy fake Chinese four-button video game machine with poor quality just to play nostalgic games, giving them genuine Japanese game machine is too standard. Moreover, there are objects like school-age children whose graphics do not require too high, game quality is most important.

In the end, the value of the gift lies in your heart: It includes instructing the giver on the uses of the machine. (If you are lazy, you can send them this article to see), carefully check whether the accessories under the machine are working properly (If not, you can bring it to nShop to buy more damaged accessories).

Unlock Wii machine

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