Not a fake news, the legend of The Legend of Zelda is ready to be released on Mobile

The Legend of Zelda The best game in the world in 2017 after surpassing a series of other popular games like Super Mario Odssey, PUBG, it’s really surprising that such an old game has become the champion of the year and for the crowd. I breathe smoke. It can be affirmed that this is a monument that is hard to topple.​


More than 30 years with nearly 20 versions, large and small, The Legend of Zelda is the name that follows gamers over the years with traditional RPG gameplay, before its age has cooled down and no longer retains its peak form. high, but with this legendary game series, age really doesn’t matter or it is said that the older the ginger, the spicier it is. But the sad thing is that the game only appears on Nintendo systems, although it is very popular, but it is still difficult to enjoy the game.


Before the wave of “immigration” of PC games to mobile, perhaps this also caused Nintendo developers to put their hands on their foreheads to think about bringing their children to mobile, so that millions of players can touch their hands. this legendary game. Last summer, there were rumors about The Legend of Zelda coming to mobile, but it was all just rumors and there was no move from the developer to make gamers stand still.

With the love of gamers, perhaps Nitendo can’t be disappointed and recently announced that they are in the process of developing the game and will very soon be offered on mobile platforms. Receiving this hot news, many gamers can’t help but be touched. However, the specifics are still in the press, will the mobile version have any changes? Please wait for the answer in the latest news updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future!​

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