Nintendo Switch Cleaning Maintenance – Homemade Home Guide with 5 Steps!

With the age of more than 2 years, maybe many of us gamers have owned the device for quite a long time and now is the time to spend some time maintaining the Nintendo Switch cleaning. The benefit of this is to make the machine work better, increasing the lifespan + degrees “fresh” machine. Today nShop will guide you through some great tips to make at home!

Clean the Nintendo Switch

Cleaning Nintendo Switch is simple with 5 tips

First of all, prepare all the necessary tools to clean your console:

  • Soft cloth for cleaning (Eyeglasses cleaner or similar material available)
  • Circuit wash bottles ABRO Electronic – Buy from electronics stores.
  • Alcohol towels (Light alcohol, usually given with strength stickers)

1 / Replace screen stickers Nintendo Switch

If you are using it normal screen protector this step is necessary every year – even if your patch is not scratched. The reason is that the adhesive is usually inhaled to the screen with glue, if left too long after it will be difficult to clean the Nintendo Switch when you peel off – the glue will stick to the screen very difficult to get.

If you use it Strengthened stickers for Nintendo Switch this step can be skipped if the patch is not broken and is still clear, fine.

2 / Clean the Nintendo Switch screen and the surrounding slots

Gently wipe around the screen with alcohol towel to remove dirt, fingerprints. Note to avoid using too much towel (too wet) To prevent alcohol from falling inside the vessels. This light alcohol evaporates very quickly, but does not affect the machine circuit if it is accidentally spread inside.

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Clean the surface of the Nintendo Switch glass

*** Absolutely impervious to cleaning water because when contacting the device, it can easily damage your device.

After cleaning the stain, quickly wipe it off with a soft cloth to make the screen dry more quickly.

3 / Clean the back of the device, Joy-con and Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch dust slot

Similarly, you clean the back of the machine, especially the heat sinks with dirt on the outside. In this section, it is absolutely advised to use a slightly dry alcohol towel (After wiping step 1 above, in step 2 that towel is also relatively dry) because the heat sink slots are easy to get in with water.

Clean the back of the Nintendo Switch

Remove the skin paste (if any), then clean the back with an alcohol towel, but limit too wet to get inside the machine …

4 / Clean the Nintendo Switch analog

At this stage you can use ABRO Electronic bottle already. Simply spray into the analog slot as shown below.

analog cleaning Nintendo Switch

Note that only spray 1 time (1 pc) Only do not spray too much. After spraying, gently turn the analogue into several rings like the video below to quickly dry.

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This step helps to push away the tiny dust particles that get into the Nintendo Switch’s analogue, resulting in analog drifting (If your device has an analog drift, fix the analogue accordingly Guide to Fix Nintendo Switch analog drifting by setting tweaks but still not successful, then completing this step is 70% effective. If still not effective, then need to contact nShop instead of real analog!).

*** Note: The bottle used is ABRO Electronic. Not the RP7 bottle! The features of these 2 bottles are different, RP7 can dry long and corrode the circuit so spraying on it will cause Joy-con damage too!

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5 / Replace thermal paste for Nintendo Switch – Clean the inside of the machine

This is an advanced step that requires some skill. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is scored 8/10 by iFixIt – that is very easy to remove. Therefore, only you need to be skillful and meticulous to do it yourself. Instructions for disassembly at: . All you need includes:

How often does it take to change the thermal paste – clean the inside of the machine once?

To answer this question, it depends on the environment in which you are playing the game and how often you play the game. The Nintendo Switch is actually quite like a tablet – so while it gets a good heat base, it doesn’t suck up too much dust into it. Cleaning the Nintendo Switch deep inside the camera body is not very necessary, it is just the convenience of opening the device to change the thermal paste, you should clean it.

cleaning tools nintendo switch

There are many better types of thermal grease than the MX4, but here just need to use up to the MX4. (The default Nintendo Switch glue is even “ugly” than the MX4 but still guarantees performance). Like a PC – After more than 2 years you should change the thermal paste once to ensure performance!

Try the Nintendo Switch cleaning service at nShop

Like PS4 cleaning service, at nShop is always ready to help you with the steps you find difficult to do by yourself. Nintendo Switch cleaning service includes:

  • Clean the outside thoroughly with an alcohol-moist cloth and a soft cloth
  • Clean the 2 analog sides with ABRO Electronic
  • Clean the inside of the Nintendo Switch body, the heat sinks, fans …
  • Replace the heat sink MX4 for the Nintendo Switch

Service prices: VND 300,000 – Discount 30% for Nintendo Switches purchased at nShop

Time to receive the device: 1 day (Excluding Sat – Sun).

Repairing game consoles Nintendo, Sony Playstation

For external cleaning should do regularly 6 months – 1 year. For replacing thermal grease, cleaning the inside you should do when using more than 2 years / times. More specifically than the old Nintendo Switches bought from other users, you should do it right after buying it because you do not know the old owner. “behave” how does it work with the machine? Hopefully through this tutorial you can perform the cleaning – maintenance steps yourself to make the machine durable and working better after a long period of use!

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