Nintendo game console is in water: Handling & precautions when the rainy season comes

Why just a Nintendo console and not a Playstation? Simply because Nintendo specializes in handhelds like 2DS – 3DS – Nintendo Switch So gamers often bring out to play, it is easy to have situations such as pouring water in, getting wet or simply putting in a backpack with a leaking water bottle. The current popular Playstation only has PS4 (Actually, Sony Playstation’s PS Vita handheld game console was also played by many players, but by Sony stopped developing so popularity is less and less popular) Almost no one brought it out.

The Nintendo console was in water

So this is just a general way of dealing with battery electronics dehydration. By the time the rainy season is coming, nShop would like to share with you effective handling tips & methods that everyone should know to avoid unnecessary losses when using.

Handling of Nintendo handheld game consoles that have been waterlogged

If your Nintendo Switch, 2DS, 3DS console accidentally gets into the water due to many reasons, please calmly handle it immediately following the steps below. Do not think that you will bring to the game store for repair so there is no need to do anything because the fact that your initial processing steps is the key that the technicians and technicians can save the machine or not.

Particularly, some of you leave the device for 2-3 days to dry and then bring it away … warranty because you think it is dry, the seller will not know, but in fact you are harming yourself & your game console for water. If handled incorrectly, only the outside will be dry, the inside will still be wet and rust inside the circuit. When the seller opens the device to repair it, it will 100% sure know based on many signs including purple kneel glued in the main color change. (2DS – 3DS) or the circuit is rusted, tarnished the slots …

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5 steps to do immediately to handle Nintendo Switch game consoles, 2DS, 3DS are in water

Regardless of whether you are a master mechanic or open-handed and cannot repair the device, when your Nintendo Switch, 2DS, 3DS console is in water, you need to do 7 steps urgently:

  1. Quickly turn off the power if the machine is on.
  2. Remove all accessories for the case and dry the outside of the device thoroughly.
  3. Remove all the batteries (For 2DS – 3DS battery removal is relatively simple, you just need to 4-sided screwdrivers and remove the back cover, take out the battery, but with the Nintendo Switch is a bit complicated you need 2 types of screwdrivers: 4-sided screwdrivers and 3-sided screwdrivers – If you find it difficult, you can skip this step to step 4).
  4. Put your game console in a bag of rice (rice bowl / rice jar) fill the rice around. This is to absorb any remaining water that has accumulated inside that you have not yet wiped off, which is a common method for drying your device out of water.
  5. Leave it for 24 hours to take it out and bring it to the store for staff to handle the next steps.

put the electronics into the rice bowl

Put in the rice and fill the surrounding rice to absorb moisture …

Normally, in step 5, if you turn on the device by yourself, it is also possible that the machine is still running normally. However, in some cases, when your Nintendo console enters the country, it may take 2-3 days before problems arise (The moisture will form rust, causing a short circuit). Therefore, after performing all 5 steps above, it is best to bring the network to the repair shop to complete the next steps.

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Precautionary tips when going to rain with Nintendo Switch, 2DS, 3DS

  • Try to get a holder for your Nintendo console – the waterproof the better. Will minimize harm when it rains.

Nintendo Switch nShop shockproof bag

Shockproof carrying case for Nintendo Switch gives some protection to water loss

  • Always carry a plastic bag so that when it rains, you can also wear a raincoat for your game console when it rains. Ensure double safety.
  • Do not put the water bottle in the backpack with the game machine because the risk of jamming the cap is very high
  • Some backpacks have side water bottles that will not affect your Nintendo console to the inside, but be careful of frozen water bottles with very high humidity when thawing will affect the machine.

Some notes you should not do when your Nintendo console is in water:

Besides the things to do, there are also things you should not do when your Nintendo console is in water.

The Nintendo Switch console was dropped into the water

  • Do not turn on, try to turn on the machine as soon as you dry it to check, this is the most dangerous period.
  • Do not press any buttons or keys as there will be a risk of more water entering the inner slots.
  • No effort is required to flap or hit to allow water to fall outside.
  • Do not use the dryer to dry it or microwave it or store it in the refrigerator. These methods will damage the machine

Above are some shares from nShop for those who play Nintendo game consoles or take them out. Of course, the shop also hopes that no one must use the above tip because watering is a very dangerous situation for all electronic devices and the risk of permanently failing to repair it is completely possible. .

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