Newbie Journey to the West will be busy because there are too many things to do

With the four tribes of Fairy – Human – Love – Devil, the game has made the gaming community eager to experience.

Entering that ghost world, players choose for themselves one of four races to start the road to conquer demons, build their own empire, and even become the ruler of all worlds. Here are some useful suggestions for the journey to conquer Journey to the West of each gamer more convenient and quickly achieve their wishes.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>
Boss hunting activities are loved by gamers

Main quest – the first path to go through
As soon as they entered the game, the contestants of Journey to the West had to start with a series of arduous but very interesting mainline quests.

Challenging but interesting main quest

Following the plot route, each player will experience the details of the Journey to the West context, receive equipment, accumulate experience, Gold, items, etc. At the same time discover the mysteries of the game, achieve certain achievements and play miracles throughout the game journey. The mission system is completed by chapter, at the end of each chapter, players will receive corresponding rewards, contributing to improving the character’s skills and maturity.

Level up to receive gifts – definitely have to fight right away
During the beginner period, when players online with a certain time will receive valuable props to help increase equipment level, character strength. The path to conquering demons becomes even easier thanks to the leveling up and receiving of gifts, the higher the level, the more rare items are, and the benefits also increase accordingly.

Level up to receive gifts

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The feature system in Journey to the West is very diverse and extends to the depth of the plot, activities will open when the character reaches the specified milestone of the system or according to the time of day. This is quite reasonable because it will help players balance and allocate time and play power in the most optimal way.

Hours of operation – don’t ignore it!
Starting from 10:30 a.m. to 24:00 a.m. daily, regular hourly activities take place. Players should not neglect to ignore these activities, because this is one of the sources of materials, props to upgrade the combat power for the character to become stronger as well as to strengthen equipment, increase mounts, guide, companion…. To become the strongest of the strong, the player should calculate wisely about optimizing the character’s strength.

Hourly activities that last all day

Continuous PK – is the only thing that makes the player’s skill perfect
Duplicate activities, boss hunting, six paths, tower love, testing, etc. are important factors to help players perfect their skills. These activities take place continuously, each player should consider participating in the battle to improve their hands as well as be more sensitive in each activity. Strength, battle strength, battlefield experience as well as the source of materials received will help the character become strong and quickly achieve achievements in Journey to the West.

Fighting demon tower is quite an interesting activity

Coming to Journey to the West, players will be surprised when the activities and tasks do not stop, with friends to build the country, conquer the boss, capture the map for their country, strengthen the race. The nation is strong… It’s also a highlight in community building webgame Ghost Journey to the West is increasingly shaping and developing.

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