New features in Fortnite v12.60

Fortnite is a multiplayer survival game. The next new Fortnite update v12.60 which will be officially released tomorrow is what many are looking forward to the most. In the article below, will take a look at the new features in Fortnite v12.60.

Epic officially released Fortnite v12.50 version on April 28. On May 7, the company released a new maintenance update warranty.

new features in fortnite you v12 60

New features in Fortnite update V12.60

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Today, the creator of Fortnite announced, the next Fortnite v12.60 update will be released today. Here are some of the new features in Fortnite v12.60.

What’s new in the Fortnite v12.60 update?

After Fortnite v12.60, Fortnite v12.61 will be the last update, before moving on to Fortnite Season 3 (season 3).

Here are some of the new features in the Fortnite v12.60 update:

1. Skin Recon Expert is officially back

The first notable feature on update v12.60 is the return of Recon Expert on the Fortnite item store. Recon Expert is a female skin, last appearing on the item shop since the 11/12/2017 release.

fortnite v12 60

2. New challenge called Storm the Agency

The Fortnite v12.60 update brings a new set of challenges for players called Storm the Agency. After passing the challenge, the player will receive a glider as a reward.

fortnite v12 60 details

3. New Skins

Along with the new challenges, the Fortnite v12.60 update adds a bunch of new skins for players to choose from.

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fortnite v12 60

4. Doomsday event

Popular data miner iFiremonkey has discovered a new file in Fortnite v12.60 called Fortnite v12.60. Fritter, allegedly linked to the Doomsday device in The Agency.

5. Patch in Fortnite v12.60

– Dragacorn Glider disabled, no longer in competitive playlists.
– Fixed Riot Control Baton Pickaxe, no longer disabled in competitive playlists.
– Fortnite v12.60 update fixes issues that caused damage stats to fail.
– Deathbombs no longer deal damage to targets in buildings.
– Fixed Black Metal Weapons not dealing damage.
Above has just introduced you to the new features in Fornite v26.0. The official Fortnite v12.60 update goes live today for all players. In addition, please refer to Tips to level up fast when playing Fortnite here.

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