Money Heist: New game mode based on the events of Free Fire

This September, the gaming community will witness the combination of the famous survival shooting game Free Fire with the popular movie series Money Heist (Million dollar mission) in an event of the same name.

Money Heist mode

The result of this cooperation is a new regime, named Money Heist. Known squad-based mode 4 vs 4 This will officially release in September. Specifically, the player will have to collect as much paper money (placed in the Money Presses scattered throughout the map) as possible while still fighting.

Skin Money Heist

When the time is over, the side that reaches the target first wins and in case neither side hits the target, the side with more kills wins. In terms of overview, mode Money Heist This has many similarities with the mode Arcade in the game Call Of Duty Mobile it’s the right sides that work in every nook and cranny on the map.

Of course, comes with a new mode indispensable for skins including two backpacks, P90 and AKM skins, character and pet skins, surfboards and umbrellas …

Hopefully this will be a new and promising direction of the game Free Fire like before PUBG Mobile used to be very successful when cooperating with Walking Dead good Resident Evil.

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