Mobile Legends: How is Bang Bang VNG different from the international version?

For those who love the game MOBA – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the information about the version of Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang Vietnameseization is not too new. Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be officially released in Vietnam by VNG, but the question many gamers wonder is that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG will be different from the international version besides the interface with language Vietnamese language? Currently, the Vietnamese mobile game market is continuously bringing back role-playing games for swordplay by VNG, Soha Game, and so on. However, because there are so many games of the same genre, everything seems to be gradually saturated. The appearance of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG or battle royale game – PUBG Mobile has made it exciting again. However, gamers always question their own rights when these hot games come to Vietnam?

There will certainly be a lot of changes, especially the interests of gamers will be guaranteed, problems with loading cards, ingame errors and lots of exciting events take place to connect the community. Below we will have specific comparisons so that gamers are ready to welcome the presence of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG in the Vietnamese mobile game market.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang international version

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang international version

Like so far, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gamers will have to experience this MOBA game with a non-Vietnamese interface, which is definitely a big barrier for gamers who have no language skills.

Next, when participating in the game, it will take quite a long time to switch the device back into the account, such as creating a character, playing directly at a certain level to be linked with the account. Because according to the rules to log into your account, gamers will have to play again 1 time. Surely this job is very inconvenient for those who want to quickly join the game. In addition, each device can only create one character, if you want to create a new character, you must delete game data, delete device data, etc.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG

When playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG, we will quickly log in and play immediately through your Zalo account, top up via Zalo Pay. Along with that Vietnamese interface will help gamers have a much easier experience. You can freely create the character you want without having to perform complicated operations as mentioned above. Account issues, card recharge, ingame questions are resolved quickly. Many events are organized by the publisher with the desire to connect members, creating a strong Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community. And coming this is the first tournament to be held in Vietnam, promising to be the most explosive event at the end of 2018 with a total prize of up to 500 million VND.

Certainly with the above benefits, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gamers will not lose anything but also benefit a lot. However, there is a problem that is always very worrying is that the hacking situation makes many people worried, but we hope VNG will take measures to cover the best user experience.

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