Miss Hina in Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know

Miss Hina rumored to be Gorou’s mother in Genshin Impact. However, is that true? Here’s everything you need to know about Miss Hina in Genshin Impact.

Who is Miss Hina in Genshin Impact?

Miss Hina is a leaked character on Twitter for the update Genshin Impact 2.3. As suggested by leaked images of Lumie and Genshin Intel, many people believe that this waifu is Gorou’s mother. This could be the upcoming 4-star character in Genshin impact.

This image quickly won the hearts of fans because Miss Hina is so cute with cute cat ears and eyes. However, like Arataki Itto, you may also be stunned by her true identity.

Miss Hina’s True Identity in Genshin Impact

Miss Hina is not Gorou’s mother

Miss Hina Genshin Impact is a columnist for Yae Miko’s That’s Life magazine. People can submit questions to this magazine to get advice on problems they are facing in life. Miss Hina will come up with a smart solution for them.

In fact, this magazine is also where Gorou works as an anonymous journalist. As such, it is possible that this detail implies that Miss Hina is Gorou.

Miss Hina is definitely not Gorou
Miss Hina is definitely not Gorou’s mother in Genshin Impact

Origin of Inugami

Before the shocking information about Miss Hina’s identity, many hints also indicated that she could be an Inugami. This is also a creature that often appears in Japanese folktales and is included in anime. However, for now, you still haven’t seen it in Inazuma.

In general, the depiction of Inaguma in the anime is quite different from the legend. In the anime, Inagumi are glamorous businesswomen wearing kimonos.

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Release date Genshin Gorou

Itto and Gorou can go to Genshin Impact next December 14
Itto and Gorou can go to Genshin Impact next December 14

The release date of Gorou with Arataki Itto could be on December 14, 2021 if there are no delays. At this point, hopefully the story involving Gorou, Itto and their secret will be revealed by Genshin Impact. According to Honey Hunter World, the story will gradually be unlocked when the player reaches level 5.

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