Minecraft: What is Herobrine and how to become Herobrine

Herobrine not in Minecraft Official but only in mod version. Here’s everything you need to know about Herobrine in Minecraft.

Herobine in Minecraft

Minecraft hidden many secrets and unknown characters. Herobrine is one of the mysterious legends rumored throughout the Minecraft world. Despite its popularity, most Minecraft players have never had a chance to see Herobrine. So how to summon Herobrine when playing Minecraft? Let’s go with Download.vn to find the answer!

What is Herobrine in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, Herobrine does not exist in the official Minecraft version. Herobrine appeared in an urban legend that was told long ago. It was introduced in the early days of the game “magic cube”, at a live broadcast, and later became a Minecraft cheat.

Currently, a lot of Minecraft players are looking for Herobrine but no one has actually seen it in the original version. This character is just a Creepypasta.

You only have one way to summon Herobrine. That’s using Minecraft mods. Herobrine is a strange, human-like character with white eyes. Many rumors suggest that Herobrine in Minecraft can build and fight as a playable character. It can dig a 2×2 wide tunnel. Moreover, Herobrine has the ability to build perfect pyramids on the ocean, wipe out all leaves and much more.

Stories about Herobrine were widely told on the forums and spread quickly. That makes this mysterious character famous. Undeniably, secrets or mysteries always make the game more attractive to both longtime Minecraft gamers and new players.

How to become a Herobrine in Minecraft

Herobrine is quite similar to Steve, the default Minecraft character. The only difference is in the completely white eyes. To become a Herobrine when playing Minecraft, you can use the resource pack to customize your image to look like this character, then change the name to Herobrine. Note, make sure you have the Custom item option enabled.

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Choose skin Herobrine in Minecraft

Detailed steps to become Herobrine in Minecraft:

  1. Load Skins for Minecraft.
  2. Open the app and find the Herobrine skin.
  3. Save skins to the app Photo.
  4. Open the app Minecraft PE > Clothes.
  5. Touch Choose new skins > select the downloaded photo on the Photo app.
  6. Select the customization you want before clicking the . button Confirm.
  7. Return to the lobby and arrive Settings. Next, change the name to Herobrine.
  8. After completing all the above steps, you open the game and choose to play under this new character’s appearance.

How to Summon Herobrine in Minecraft

You can’t spawn Herobrine in the official Minecraft version because it doesn’t exist. Players can only find him in the mod version.

How to spawn Herobrine in Minecraft for Android

  1. Download and install BlockLauncher on the Google Play Store. This free app helps you manage and support mod versions in Minecraft PE.
  2. Next, download the Minecraft mod at mcpedl.com. This is a hugely popular resource for the Minecraft PE community.
  3. Select and download Herobrine mode on this web. Lord Herobrine and Herobrine/Holy Mod are the two most loved mods by Minecraft PE players here.
  4. Click Link Download Script Below is a description of the mod to download files in .js format to your device.
  5. Then click the link Download Texture Pack to download zip files.
  6. Next, run Minecraft PE. You will see the BlockLauncher app in the lobby. Tap on it to open the app. You need to restart the game to run it. It will then start loading the Herobrine Texture Pack. Click Texture Pack > Select > open Download manager > select downloaded zip file.
  7. Open again Minecraft PE > select BlockLauncher > click Manage ModPE scripts to load the Herobrine script. Click Import > Local storage > Download > .js file.
  8. Summon Herobrine. You need to collect enough materials for this character to appear, including Gold x2, Netherrack x2, 1 Flint & Steel. Make a pillar from 4 blocks, place 2 gold blocks under 2 Netherrack blocks and light a fire on top of the Netherrack block. After that, Herobrine will appear in your world.
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Summon Herobine in Minecraft

How to spawn Herobrine in iOS

To install the Herobrine mod on iOS devices, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. That can be harmful to your smartphone, so you should think twice before following the steps below:

  1. Open Cydia > Select the mod you want to download.
  2. Open Minecraft PE on your smartphone and spawn Herobrine as you did in Android.
How to spawn Herobrine in Minecraft

Above is How to get Herobrine in Minecraft. Hope the article is useful to you.

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