Minecraft tutorial for beginners

Minecraft does not own a shimmering graphical interface like some current games, but the more you play, the more attracted you will be and it is difficult to give up this game.

Join the game Minecraft players like to be immersed in the vast world, built completely randomly with all kinds of terrain from dense forests, swamps, mountains to sand desert or cold snow.

You can freely do what you want to explore caves, build a house according to your preferences, cultivate, raise as you like, even build a support rail system or take advantage of This is to build a roller coaster road “Super speed”… Isn’t that great? But more interesting than all of that is made up of monotonous squares.

When you start playing you have to create a new, windowed world Choose the world appears please press the button Create a new world.

Minecraft tutorial for beginners

Then enter a new world name and a blank box in the field World name Or choose a game mode:

  • Survival game mode: Search for resources, craft, level up, vitality and foraging to survive.
  • Super difficult game mode: Like survival mode but only one life.
  • Creative play modes: Unlimited resources, can fly freely and destroy blocks instantly.

After the setup is complete press Create a new world.

  • W: Go straight (press 2 times to run fast).
  • S: Retro grade.
  • A: Go left.
  • D: Move right.
  • E: Open the inventory.
  • Shift: To hide / bow … (Hold still to prevent falling from high places).
  • Right mouse: Place blocks or use some items.
  • Left mouse: To attack, destroy, collect …

If you want to change these keys, you can go Option -> Control customize as you like.

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Guide to play Minecraft in survival mode

The first thing you need to do when the game starts is to collect logs to craft other tools. Get close to the tree, point to the tree and hold the left mouse button to break each block, when you break it will drop a small block, pick it up, so on until you have about 10 blocks.

Minecraft tutorial for beginners

Next press key E to open your inventory:

  • 4 lines along the side of the character are to wear clothes to increase armor: Hats, shirts, pants, shoes.
  • 4 cells [2×2] is a crafting area, only a few normal items can be crafted, one box next to is a finished product.
  • The last 9 horizontal squares are where the items need to be used.

Place blocks of wood that you have collected in the crafting area, each block will receive 4 wooden boards, drag them to the inventory.

  • Place 2 wooden boards to create sticks.
  • Put 4 wooden boards to create crafting table.

Drag to the toolbar and right click to place the crafting table on the ground, then right click on it. You will see 3×3 crafting board. Now create the tools according to the formula shown in the image below:

  • Wood Cup: Used to dig rocks, gravel, coal.
  • Wooden ax: Used to cut wood faster.
  • Wooden shovel: Used to dig soil faster.
  • Wooden swords: Used to kill monsters.

Next you need to exploit and collect some other items such as: pebbles, wood or soil to build temporary shelter when night falls, because when night falls, monsters will appear and attack. attack you. Pay attention not to die, if you die, you will lose experience and items in you!

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Now try to find a way to ignite, because that’s what keeps monsters away from you and shining in the dark. There are many ways to create fire, you can break and collect rocks from the cliffs, craft them into a furnace (Furnace), use it to burn the raw logs into charcoal, and then combine the charcoal with the wooden stick. torches. You can also use the collected terrain blocks built the door to seal the gate, block the monsters.

You can go searching around the house to see if there are sheep or not, use the sword to kill 3 strands of wool to make a bed, then put it inside. When the night is enveloping you just need to right-click on the bed and wait for a while, it will dawn.

When there are too many things in your body, make a chest to store items indoors, when placing 2 chests next to the fast side will become a big chest you can comfortably put items in it. Right-click on it and a chest will open immediately.

Minecraft tutorial for beginners

The types of resources and minerals in the game are very diverse, they are not only used to create widgets but also to build constructions. Depending on each mineral, you can create items with different qualities, but they will deteriorate over time. With the same recipe for making stone axes as above, you can replace wood with iron or diamond to increase the durability of the tool.

The more you play later, the more materials you need to create special structures, there are some rare materials that take a long time to find and collect like gold ore lying deep underground.

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It’s great, isn’t it, the more you play, the more you will be fascinated and you will feel extremely excited when creating fully furnished buildings in your own style.

In addition, you can refer to some of the following empire building games: Empire of the Galaldur, Knight Elite, The Promised Land … for entertainment after hours of stressful work and study.

You can refer to Video tutorial how to play Minecraft:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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