Minecraft Earth: Release date, country support, and beta registration

Minecraft Earth – the augmented reality game is about to be released by Mojang in the near future. It is a whole new universe of the famous magic cube game for many years.

Virtual reality game Minecraft Earth

Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) game harmonizes the gameplay of Pokemon Go with endless creativity in the vast Minecraft world. Come to Minecraft EarthYou can experience each minecraft part by “adventure” on the world map. Minecraft Earth uses Open Street Maps for all location data while playing. You can also build small private spaces called “Build Plates”. You can share them with your friends or place them in real locations for other players to find.

There is no doubt about Minecraft Earth will be a big game for Microsoft. Here’s all the trivia about Minecraft Earth and how you can play the game early.

What platforms will Minecraft Earth support?

Minecraft Earth is expected to launch on Android, iOS devices that support ARKit and ARCore. If you own an old Android, iOS, and don’t support the augmented reality framework, you won’t be able to play this game. Also, Microsoft is not planning on developing Minecraft Earth for Windows-based devices because it depends on Google’s ARCore feature and Apple’s ARKit.

Minecraft Earth release date

Minecraft Earth The beta will begin in summer 2019 with the goal of rolling out more widely across the US and expanding later this year.

Where can I play Minecraft Earth?

Initially there were many rumors that everyone could play Minecraft Earth in five cities around the world during the period that Microsoft was testing the game and gathering feedback. There is no specific city yet, but certainly one of them is outside of the United States.

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Microsoft’s goal is to make Minecraft Earth globally popular with Open Street Maps location data. Wherever you are in the world, you can experience this magical cube-based virtual reality adventure game.

When will the Minecraft Earth beta be released?

Microsoft has confirmed it will release the Minecraft Earth beta in a few cities around the world this summer.

How to register and participate in the Minecraft Earth beta

Microsoft allows players to register at the site Minecraft Earth. After completing registration, you will receive free skins for Minecraft Earth Bedrock version.

To join, you’ll need a free Xbox Live account and an Android 7 or iOS 10 device or later. Please click on the link below to register:

Minecraft Earth has the potential to create a new “fever” in the gaming world if Microsoft implements the entire gameplay as promised: create, explore and survive, interesting never before. You can collect mobs, create Minecraft buildings with augmented reality, and even build a copy of Redstone. Then, if you want, you can easily share all your experiences with friends around the world through Microsoft Azure.

Above is the latest information about Minecraft Earth. Let Download.vn continuously update Minecraft Earth as soon as the game is officially released.

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