LoL’s most “toxic” gamer has just been unbanned

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Tyler1 was originally a streamer, a gamer League Talented with Draven’s forte, but also extremely disruptive with a series of behaviors such as swearing, intentionally feeding the opposing team, sharing and trading pirated accounts, circumventing the rules and harassing other players. After a series of troubles, this gamer was banned by Riot since 2016, even so violently that he banned all accounts that this game used to register to play after being discovered.


The developer side announced to the gaming community LoL: “We know we’re not perfect and this has been going on for too long, but if we find disruptive gamers are disturbing the community, we’ll support the community.”


Over time, Tyler’s story opens up another topic: Can a “naughty” gamer change himself? In 2016, a LoL spokesman said, “If he really makes progress, we will cancel the ban.” In the meantime, the gaming community still sees Tyler regularly playing other games, like PUBG.

In October 2017, a Riot employee publicly cursed Tyler on Discord and cursed the player to die from an overdose or suffer from testicular cancer from taking too many steroids. Riot had to apologize and fire its employees.

Meanwhile, Tyler received an email saying his account could be banned if he played in the last 1 month “cleanly”. Riot said that the ban for this gamer is an individual ban (banning a player) rather than an account ban like a normal ban.
After the announcement, Tyler started streaming LoL again on Monday and made the announcement widely via Twitter.​

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