List of the most used Lightroom CC keyboard shortcuts

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Using Lightroom CC keyboard shortcuts not only speeds up photo editing and saves time, but also makes the entire editing process smoother by eliminating unnecessary interruptions. In this article, will share with you a list of the most commonly used Lightroom CC keyboard shortcuts.

Lightroom CC is a well-known software from Adobe that focuses on the needs of photographers as they rotate across multiple devices and harness the power of the cloud. Your original images, edited versions, and metadata are synced and stored in Creative Cloud.

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Summary of keyboard shortcuts on Lightroom

Lightroom CC is inherently designed with an intuitive user interface for users to act quickly, but there is another way to speed up the editing process, which is using the keyboard. Adobe provides a list of hundreds of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts, but you probably won’t be able to remember them all or not use many of them. Therefore, has compiled the most used Lightroom shortcuts to help you complete photo editing work quickly.

Lightroom CC keyboard shortcuts for quick photo editing

first. Tabs: Hide/show toolbars on the left and right
2. Shift + Tab: Hide/show the entire toolbar
3. T: Hide/show toolbar
4. Ctrl + Shift + I: Import photos into the software
5. Ctrl + O: Open the photo catalog panel
6. Ctrl + Alt + “,”: Open Catalog settings
7. Ctrl + “,”: Open Preferences
8. Ctrl + E: Editing in Photoshop
9. Ctrl + “‘”: Create a virtual copy (Virtual Copy)
ten. G: Library Grid (Library Grid)
11. E: Image view (Library Loupe)
twelfth. F: Full screen view
13. L: Backlight on/off
14. P/X: Select/delete photos
15. D: Open the selected image in the Develop window
16. R: Select the cutting tool
17. OLD: Comparison view
18. U: Unflag (Unflag)
19. 6 – Red, 7 – Yellow, 8 – Green, 9 – Blue: Set color labels for photos
20. 1 – 5: Rate the image by the number of stars
21. 0: Remove star rating
22. Y: Switch front and back view (left/right)
23. Shift + Y: Switch front and back view on split screen
24. ]/ [: Tăng/ giảm kích thước cọ
25. O: Điều đỉnh độ đậm/ nhạt (Overlay)
26. Q: Chọn công cụ Spot Removal
27. W: Chọn công cụ White Balance
28. K: Chọn công cụ Adjustment Brush
29. M: Chọn công cụ Graduated Filter
30. H: Ẩn/ hiện điểm ghim ảnh
31. Ctrl + C: Sao chép
32. Ctrl + V: Dán
33. Ctrl + Z: Undo
34. Ctrl + Y: Redo
35. Ctrl + L: Bật/ tắt bộ lọc
36. Ctrl + “+”: Phóng to hình ảnh
37. Ctrl + “-“: Thu nhỏ hình ảnh
38. Ctrl + [: Xoay ảnh sang trái (ngược chiều kim đồng hồ)
39. Ctrl + ]: Rotate the image to the right (clockwise)
40. Ctrl + /: See all keyboard shortcuts.

Link to download the latest Lightroom CC:

=> Link to download Lightroom CC for Windows
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=> Link to download Lightroom CC for Android
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=> Link to download Lightroom CC for iPhone
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If you do not know how to install Lightroom on your computer, you can refer to the instructions for installing and using Lightroom here.

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Above is a list of the most used Lightroom CC keyboard shortcuts among the hundreds of keyboard shortcuts available. With regular use and remembering of these shortcuts, your photo processing and editing process will be greatly accelerated.
In addition to Lightroom shortcuts, also wants to send you a list of Photoshop shortcuts to help you work faster and work more efficiently.

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