List of events taking place in Coin Master in 2020

For gamers, events are always great opportunities for you to participate and receive special rewards. With the event list in Coin Master 2020 that shares right below, it will help you know the ongoing and upcoming events so as not to miss any opportunity.

In 2020, Coin Master What events are there? All will be revealed in the following article. Learn to be ready for the surprises each event brings.

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Summary of the list of Coin Master events taking place in 2020

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What events will take place in Coin Master 2020?

1. Tournament Milestone

Tournaments will only add more fun. This is a new feature of Tournament, giving players the ability to win incredible rewards while competing against the top players in the Coin Master leaderboard.

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A progress bar with the number of rewards will appear, showing a chance to win various rewards including items like Spins, Coins, pet experience points, pet food and gold cards. Each tournament milestone bar can be completed different times as shown in the progress bar. Thus, you will have the opportunity to receive more Spin spins, along with performing the How to earn Spin Coin Master that Taimienphi shared in the previous tips, gamers will have more chances to win.

Tapping each reward on it will show its contents as well as the number of points needed to get each, and tapping the tournament icon to the left of the progress bar will show the last reward you got can own.

2. Tournament

Coin Master is ready to challenge you in the new Tournament – an exciting multiplayer event that allows players to compete against each other and track each other’s progress. Players are divided into groups and compete with each other to become the #1 player on the Tournament leaderboard in Coin Master.

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To enter the tournament, each player will first need to earn a certain number of Tournament points by completing a variety of actions including raids and raids.

Each completed action will be reflected on the trophy icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. This number will represent your rank on the leaderboard, where you will also be able to see the rewards you can get, as well as the challenge that awaits you.

3. Gift Master

Any Coin or Spin bundle purchase with a Free Gift symbol will reward the player with an incredible gift. These awesome rewards can include spins, coins, chests, pet food, and even pet experience points. The larger the amount spent, the bigger the reward.

4. Special Events

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Special events add fighting spirit to Coin Master. Accelerate your progress by completing actions, attacking and looting other players. Spin the wheel to get 3 themed symbols in a row to speed things up and get bigger rewards.

5. Attack Madness

The Attack Madness event adds a whole new experience to attack. During the event, each attack on the village of other Vikings will bring you closer to great rewards. Each stage of the event has higher and higher goals and bigger rewards accordingly.

6. Raid Madness

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The Raid Madness event provides an even more immersive raiding experience. During the event, each village raid by other Vikings will bring you closer to exciting rewards. Like the Attack Madness event, each stage becomes more challenging, the player will have to work harder, but in return, if you complete it, you will receive a greater reward.

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7. Village Master

The Village Master event is an incredible way to celebrate your achievements. For each successfully built village, the player will receive a reward that no other event has. The further you progress in the game, the bigger the rewards you get.

8. Bet Blast

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The Bet Blast event increases your odds of winning with higher odds and bigger rewards. Finish building villages, loot your friends, attack opponents, place bets and get huge rewards.

9. Cards Boom

During the Cards Boom event, each Chest will give the player 50% more cards each time. In this event, the Wooden Chest will give the player 3 cards, the Golden Chest gives the player 6 cards and the Magical Chest gives the player 12 cards.

10. Cards for Chests

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Swap duplicate cards for brand new chests. You can now exchange your duplicate cards for 3 new types of chests, each with a different combo reward with a certain amount of Spin, pet food, Pet XP, and cards.

Each card shows the number of stars at the top, showing its value, and these numbers are added when choosing a card type to exchange for a new chest. This feature will automatically select the lowest level and least rare card to trade, but you can turn it off by unchecking Select cards for me to manually select the exchange card.

After a chest is retrieved, a timer will appear to lock the transaction for another chest of the same type for a certain amount of time. However, you can shorten the time by using coins.

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11. Gold Card Trade

During this very special event, players will be able to trade the 2 yellow cards shown in the pop-up window. This is a perfect opportunity to complete your card collection as well as help friends.

12. Balloon Frenzy

The Balloon Frenzy Event is an easy and fun minigame in Coin Master. Stay focused as you spin the wheel and interact with your village, and pop floating balloons to earn rewards.

13. Viking Quest

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Viking Quest is a game in Coin Master that allows players to spin new Viking Slots with Coins instead of Spins and earn rewards beyond imagination.

Tapping the reward icon in the bottom right of the screen will open the Mission Map. This quest map shows the player’s progress through 10 unique and exciting missions.

Tap any reward icon in the Mission Map to reveal an item inside that may include a gold card.

15. Set Blast

Set Blast is a special event in Coin Master. Each set of cards completed during the event period will award the player a bigger reward than usual.
The above is a list of events taking place in Coin Master 2020. Although it is not really known exactly when, but at least you will know some information about that event.

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