List of Codes of the latest Yeo Linh Gathering 2023

A world of Japanese mythical Onmyouji arena is clearly recreated through a new game called Demon Spirit Gathering. Currently, the Japanese monster card game mobile game is opening an official server for gamers to experience, along with a lot of Codes of Love and unexpected benefits waiting for you to discover.

Engaged in the Gathering Demon Spirit, players have the ability to recruit powerful Shikigami, creating the world’s leading team of champions. But to get there, you’ll need support from the Gathering Demon Spirit Giftcodes, guaranteed to receive new shikigami. At the same time, participating gamers will definitely receive unlimited general Sun Wukong.

code to love, click ket

Compilation of the completely new Code of Love Spirit Collection

1. Full Code Love Spirit Gathers Divine Consciousness

CODE 1: VIP666
CODE 2: VIP777
CODE 3: VIP888

2. The fastest way to enter the GiftCode of Love Spirit

Step 1: Enter the game Love Spirit Gathering and log into your account, press Avatar Characters => click Giftcode.

giftcode love the first day of the year 2023

Step 2: Import Gift code Love Linh Collected => press Receive.

I love you so much, I love you

Step 3: The system will display the gift of entering the Code Yeo Linh Successfully As shown below.

code to love, click ket

3. How to Get the Latest Code of Love Spirit Episode

During the launch of the new game, NPH will organize many more events for players to receive CODE GAME Love Spirit Free Collection. At the same time, when participating in the game, gamers will receive 200 draws, recruit SSR Shikigami to their delight, create a strong battle formation and maintain the yin and yang order.

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4. Why When Changing Giftcode Love Spirit Gathering Error Again?

– Usually, the error of using Code Yeu Linh Gathering occurs only when the gift code expires or you enter the wrong character. To fix it, please enter each character correctly or check the expiration date.

– Code Yeu Linh Gathering is often released at major events to support newbies and longtime players. These codes will have a fixed time, so you need to quickly redeem them before they expire.

5. Introducing the game Love Spirit Gathering

– Love Spirit Gathering is a hands-free fighting game, designed according to the theme of the famous Yin-Yang Master in the game world. The game brings gamers into the world of Soul Masters, Shikigami and Demon Spirits, Night Devils, shown through beautiful 3D anime graphics style.

– Outstanding features of Love Spirit Gathering:
+ Hands-free gameplay, easy leveling up, enjoy the general battle screen anytime, anywhere.
+ Get benefits every day until your hands are tired, log in to receive great gifts for gamers.
+ Join the game and get 200 free recruits and VIP ranks.
+ The game organizes many attractive PvP and PvE activities with many features to ensure that there are no waste characters.

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