List of characters in Mini World: Block Art

Danh sách nhân vật trong Mini World Block Art

Mini World: Block Art is a creative survival action game with many lovely characters. Let check all characters in Mini World: Block Art Please!

List of characters in Mini World Block Art

List of characters in Mini World



Kaka was born and raised in a primitive tribe and was able to survive well in the wild.

Unlock: You can unlock Kaka for free while playing Mini World, but if you want to upgrade this character, you should use the Bone Necklace to unlock it.

Character: Tenacious

Power: Long range damage reduction

  • Level 1 – 20% reduced damage from distance.
  • Level 2: 40% damage reduction from distance.



The original girl is hard-working, especially enthusiastic in work.

Unlock: From 2/2020, Nini was a free female character for beginners to play Mini World.

However, to unlock her skills, you will initially need 200 pieces of Feather Hairwear. You can collect it while harvesting the fruit in the garden.

Power: Speed ​​up pick up

  • Level 1: Increase 50%
  • Level 2: Increase 100%



Chief is the leader of the original tribe, who likes to explore everywhere and expand the tribe’s land.

  • Unlock: You’ll need to collect a Primitive wrister to unlock this Mini World character.
  • Character: Right
  • Power: Base damage increased
    • Level 1: +5 base damage
    • Level 2: +10 base damage

Chief’s wife



Every family has a mischievous child. That is Bearly.

  • Unlock material: Bear Bomb. You can pay 250 Mini coins if you don’t want to wait.
  • Character: “Bomb” genius
  • Power: Reduced explosion damage
    • Level 1: 20% reduction in explosion damage
    • Level 2: 40% reduction in explosion damage

Note, you can change the look of this character with the skin and still activate the skill if you’ve unlocked it.

Captain Tom

Captain Tom
Captain Tom

Former soldier of the world peace protection force, good at survival and shooting on the battlefield.

  • Unlock material: 150 Dress-up cards. After unlocking Captain Tom, you will need to use the Beret piece to unlock and upgrade his skills.
  • Character: brave
  • Power: Increased effects of food and water breathing
    • Level 1 – 15% increased underwater breathing time and healing.
    • Level 2: 30% increase in underwater breathing time and heal.

Agent Laura

Agent Laura
Agent Laura

“Goddess” of security forces, who enjoys interesting adventures.

  • Unlock material: Dress-up card.
  • Characteristics: Possibility of prophecy
  • Power: Immune to critical damage for a while
    • Level 1: When taking more than 45 damage leading to death, for every 10 health you can compensate for 1 damage
    • Level 2: When taking more than 25 damage leading to death, you can compensate 1 damage for every 5 health

Update: March 15, 2021

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