Lien Quan Mobile: Get free generals with event 8/11 final

Final match Winter Arena of Fame 2020 of the Arena of valor will take place at 14:30 on November 8. Besides watching the thrilling developments of the match, gamers also have the opportunity to own attractive gifts in the accompanying event.

Event 1: Receive a free hero when completing 3 missions

Visit the Grand Finals event homepage first and complete the following 3 quests

Event final 8/11

Mission 1: Cheer on one of the 2 teams to compete in the finals, Saigon Phantom or Box Gaming (You must complete mission 1 to unlock mission 2)

Mission 2: Call on your friends to cheer for you and when you complete the mission, you will receive 1 Lucky Gift Chest (You will only be counted if you receive 1 click from a friend).

Mission 3: Plowing the livestream view of the final on November 8 This quest will be opened on November 8 and upon completion of the mission, you will also receive a Lucky Gift Chest and when opened, you will own 1 of 10 random generals.

In addition, if you are lucky, you will also receive a random gift for the person sharing the event final page.

  • 1 Special Prize: 1 Vsmart Aris phone
  • 10 Consolation prizes: Each Austrian Finals combo is limited to 1 outfit for sale in the shop up to 399QH.

Event 2: Watch the livestream receive the perpetually limited costume giftcode

Limited giftcodes will appear randomly during the finale livestream, the most significant of which are limited perpetual outfits.

Good luck!

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