Lieh Hoa VNG: Together Immerse yourself in a “Perfect Gypsy World”

Burning Fire VNGtitle swordplay game modeled after the famous movie and story work ” Burning Fire Like Ca ” but VNG It will be officially released at the end of this October. The heat that Lieh Hoa VNG is creating is undisputed when there are many activities going on even before the game has been released. In addition to the Event “Gathering Enough Promises – Tuong Ngo Lac Duong” with gifts worth up to 3 million VND, a series of Guilds have been established by gamers and are still actively recruiting members. So the reason why” Burning Fire 3D “ is creating such a big fever, let’s dig deeper to find out now!

The first thing to mention is the graphic side. Lieh Hoa 3D is built suitable for both PC and Mobile platforms, that’s why the ingame graphics are meticulously cared for from the landscape to the small details. The bonsai details are realistically simulated, besides the weather mode is varied over time. Not like the game series MMORPG Common 3D, each map usually has only one weather unchanged. Coming to Lieh Hoa 3D, with the changing weather has made a very important contribution to being able to express all the beauty of the game and the poetic of the landscape.

Besides, instead of the same fashions and looks that we often see in Mobile games, Lieh Hoa VNG has done a great job when bringing a wonderful collection of beautiful fashion and character creation mode. desired appearance. Thereby, the great knights can unleash their creativity to get satisfactory looks and fashion to the point of “perfection”.

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In addition, Guild activities and ingame features also receive a lot of attention from gamers. Lieh Hoa VNG possesses all the classic features indispensable for a swordplay MMORPG game. These can be mentioned activities such as fighting monsters on a picnic, World Boss every day according to the time frame, Secret Canh Than Binh overcomes with loads of experience and rare items.


In addition, trading in the game between players is extremely easy through Trading, where the heroes can trade and bid together. In addition, there are Bang – love activities such as the inter-server war, For Tho Campfire and the guild to receive more experience points, bang points and can chat “slash” together. Stream bathing and more especially the same-sex marriage function.

Finally, Lieh Hoa VNG gives fans a full Multi Platform experience, which means that there will be both PC and Mobile versions for gamers. It’s so wonderful, isn’t it?

The heat of Burning Fire 3D VNG It’s getting hotter and hotter as the launch is near, don’t forget to watch the next news and invite your friends to participate in the event “Gathering enough promises – Meeting Lac Duong” at http:// with attractive gifts up to 3 million VND!
The game will be released at:

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