Learn the character system in Dragon Mission: Only 2 classes but extremely diverse transformations

In a time when role-playing games are racing in terms of character classes Dragon Mission only offers 2 options: Mage and Warrior (or can be understood as Female or Male). Does this limitation detract from the beauty of the game experience? Let’s learn about the character system of Dragon Mission.

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It is easy to see that the Warrior will favor Defense while the Mage is for the Attack and Control with many different attributes. In this article, we will delve into the Warrior character first.


Looking at the skill system, all 4 basic moves have a strong sweeping ability with decent damage and a wide range:
– Slashing Vortex: Spins extremely fast to create swirling wind flames, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
– Manh Tiger: Charge forward a bit and knock the enemy into the air.
– Dance of Swords: Slash attack flashes 10 times with the enemy in front.
– Falling Stars: Aerobatics and slashing down.
Readers can admire all four of these moves in the following Boss battle segment:

Dragon Mission also provides players with 2 more special moves with the ability to quickly stack damage. The player will unlock it after reaching the specified level.


The beauty of a side-scrolling action game is in combining moves to form a long, powerful and precise combo. And Dragon Mission is too many options to create the most suitable “4 button” combination for each player. This is the commendable point of this game when compared to other role-playing products of the same type. The game focuses directly on the player’s “chopping-slashing” experience, not being too cumbersome with countless unnecessary confusing features.

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Not stopping there, continuing to be another element that brings rich customization to the player’s character in Dragon Mission. Also in the skill table, in the last 3 positions are auxiliary skills. For Warriors, there will be Sword Mastery, Blade Mastery, and Ax Mastery. The benefit of increasing these skills is the bonus damage when using the respective weapons. Players can choose to upgrade according to their favorite weapon or even, increase all 3 types of Mastery to become the best Warrior.


In addition, in addition to the skill system, the Thien Phu feature in Dragon Mission will delineate the player’s character development path more clearly. This will be a table to upgrade the corresponding stats, depending on which weapon you choose to use. It should be noted that in Thien Phu, the upgraded stats come with the influence of attribute effects. These effects also greatly affect the player’s PK process. Warrior is Light, Fire and Mage is


With the above factors, it can be affirmed that, although only owning 2 classes, the way Dragon Mission helps players transform characters is very much. This is a bright spot that this game possesses, ensuring to bring the most unique entertainment moments to the gaming community.

According to the Dragon Mission Board, the game will be officially released on November 28, 2017. Readers can participate in the event “Recognize to receive GOLDEN GIFTS” right on the game’s teaser page at: https://sumenhrong.vn/teaser
All information about Dragon Mission, readers can refer to fanpage: Fb.com/sumenhrong

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