Learn about Sooneeta – The Queen of Free Fire streamer from Nepal

Sunita Thapa Magar, commonly known in the Free Fire community as Sooneeta, is a well-known content creator from Nepal. Over the past few years, Sooneeta has been very active with many attractive Free Fire videos on YouTube and is favored by gamers with the nickname Free Fire streamer queen.

Looking at the current stats, you might be underwhelmed by Sooneeta owning 5.64 million subscribers along with over 557 million views on YouTube.

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Learn about female streamer Sooneeta

In addition, this streamer also has more than 534 thousand followers on her Instagram account. So why is Sooneeta so popular? Let’s learn about Sooneeta – Queen of Free Fire streamer with Emergenceingames.com!

Learn about Sooneeta – The Queen of Free Fire streamer from Nepal

1. Sooneeta’s Free Fire account details

Sooneeta’s main account has an ID of 131311296 and has reached level 82 in the game Free Fire. In addition, Sooneeta is also the owner of the clan Team-Lava with ID 60912671.

This talented female streamer has climbed to the Legend rank in Battle Royale season 31 and the highest rank is Master in Clash Squad season 16. Here are the details of Sooneeta:

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Sooneeta has played 980 solo matches in Free Fire and has won 79 Top 1s, which equates to a win rate of 8.06%. This female streamer has taken down 1,716 opponents with 485 headshots with a K/D ratio of 1.90 and a headshot rate of 28.26%.

In the doubles mode, this Free Fire player participated in 1,958 matches and owned 310 Top 1s, equivalent to a win rate of 15.83%. She also has 3,653 kills and 736 headshots along with a K/D ratio of 2.22 and a headshot rate of 20.15%.

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This female YouTuber has also participated in 24,747 games in squad mode and won 5,905 Top 1 times. This is why Sooneeta’s win rate is so high with 23.86%. Possessing 64,254 kills and 15,736 headshots, this female streamer has a K/D ratio of 3.41 and a headshot rate of 24.49% in 4-player squad mode.


In the current ranked season, Sooneeta has only played 1 solo match and cannot win. She has one kill and one headshot, resulting in a K/D ratio of 1.00 and a headshot rate of 100.00%.

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In squad mode, Sooneeta played 93 matches and won 28 Booyahs which equates to a win rate of 30.10%. With a K/D ratio of 6.22 and a headshot ratio of 32.67%, she has 404 kills and 132 headshots.

2. Free Fire Sooneeta female streamer monthly income

According to calculations from the website Social Blade, Sooneeta’s monthly income from her YouTube channel ranges from 603 USD to 9.6 thousand USD. With her stable level, the expected annual income of this female streamer ranges from $ 7.2 thousand to $ 115.8 thousand.

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3. Free Fire Sooneeta streamer’s YouTube channel

Sooneeta regularly creates Free Fire game content on his personal YouTube channel and is one of India’s top Free Fire YouTubers. Sooneeta also knows how to innovate when creating videos with other content unrelated to Free Fire to attract viewers. Sooneeta’s channel currently has 1,222 videos with the most viewed video being 25 million views.

Thus, Emergenceingames.com has introduced to readers the famous Free Fire streamer queen Sooneeta and detailed information about this talented girl’s Free Fire account. If you want Emergenceingames.com to do more about any character, please comment below.

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