League of Legends Wild Rift: Top 5 strongest generals in the game

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, each general possesses different skill sets to create extremely attractive and dramatic matches. However, there are some champions in LoL that have extremely high pick and win rates. The following article will summarize the top 5 strongest generals in LoL Wild Rift based on the win rate for gamers to choose.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Top 5 strongest generals in the game


Jax is an incredibly powerful fighter in the top lane. Jax’s skill set is quite perfect in terms of attack and defense, both able to quickly approach enemies and block hand attacks. Not only that, combined with the extremely high attack speed passive, making Jax an extremely scary weapon for any general.


Darius is also one of the strongest fighters in LoL Wild Rift. Although he does not possess a high attack speed, Darius’s set of moves helps this general deal great damage with his passive as well as his ultimate. Quick cleanup, healing, crowd control, and damage are all available in Darius. The only weakness of this general is accessibility, so gamers need to equip equipment to close the opponent quickly.


Evelynn is a champion with a relatively low pick rate in League of Legends, but in Wild Rift, she is really scary. Often the hottest pick in matches, Evelynn has proven her formidable power when she can roam gank to surprise enemies. The set of powerful combos and the ability to finish and escape with the ultimate has made Evelynn an invisible nightmare in matches.

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Camille is a very strong fighter with an extremely high mobility skill set, dealing massive damage and isolating enemies. Although she doesn’t possess a powerful burst of damage, Camille can jump into teamfights without hesitation with her ability to adapt based on enemy damage. Whether the opponent is a champion that deals magic or physical damage, Camille can easily counter it. In addition, this champion is also capable of dealing true damage against tanked champions.


In the list of the most powerful generals, it is impossible not to mention Orianna. Originally a mid lane mage, Orianna possesses an extremely easy to play but equally effective set of moves. With the ability to deal damage, create armor and control a wide area, Orianna will be an extremely dangerous champion in every match.

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