League of Legends: Top the strongest generals in URF mode

Hecarim Yumi

In URF mode you will have 80% reduction of the maximum cooldown time and types of buffs, but in each game Leagues Of Legends server will be randomly selected 1 general. Whether or not to bring URF back as a long-term official game mode will depend on the reaction of the LOL gaming community. Below is a list of the 10 most powerful generals of the URF game mode on League of Legends invite you to consult for a reasonable use strategy.

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The most powerful generals in the URF game mode of League of Legends

The Hecarim – Yuumi

Hecarim Yumi

Needless to argue, this is the duo “error” most in the current URF. With a 1-in-2 bans rate of almost 100%, it proves the nightmare they bring. This “horse – cat” pair is terrifying in the ability to finish off enemies in a split second. Exactly in a split second! When you don’t realize anything, it’s like a breeze – you are on the number board. And that is exactly what players have to go through when facing this pair. Hecarim, with his inherent acceleration and gems of prey, now has Yuumi’s speed and regeneration and control ability. Hardly any enemy can escape if it is on target. Because of the “imba” of this duo that players must ban or pick it if they do not want to be eaten.

The mischievous fish – Fizz


It would be flawed without mentioning this mischievous fish in URF mode. As the saying goes: “Like a fish meets water”, it will be “Fizz meets URF”. With constant flight and damage immunity with a very short cooldown, killing Fizz in URF is almost impossible. In addition, the skill power of this fish’s Q and E moves is also extremely scary and capable enough to make any bloody enemy vaporize in a single note!

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Malphite – Terrifying kicks


Malphite has always been the obsession with terrifying punches in Summoner’s Rift. And in the URF, what’s more terrible is that this stone can be rammed continuously with a cooldown of 80%! If you take an AD and face this monster then good luck, as it won’t give you a chance to live. The only thing a player can do is quickly press Flash and pray for Malphite to miss.


General Malzahar in the game League of Legends

General Malzahar – Prophet of nowhere. Malzahar has the ability to mentally cast his target’s mind with gruesome and cruel illusions, dealing damage over time. Besides, Malzahar can also use the power of the Void, suppressing enemy champions in a toxic energy area to deal damage. The Call of nowhere skill will help Malzahar open two portals to space and they shoot beams that deal magic damage and silence enemy champions.

You can use the Nihilistic Staff, the Rabadon Witch Hat to attack, and the Rylai Crystal Zhang, the Zhonya Clock, the Cross Chain for defense.


General Galio in the game League of Legends

Galio – The giant Guardian in League of Legends, it can be said that Galio is the most powerful tanker general of the current URF with the ability to move fast, the armor is thick, so Galio is highly appreciated. Galio’s Giant Smash skill unleashes consecutive attacks that deal bonus magic damage in an area. In addition, Galio unleashes two gusts of wind that converge into a tornado that deals magic damage through the Angel Wings skill.


General Morgana in the game League of Legends

The angel of the guy Morgana is a master of suffering and the art of darkness. Morgana’s psychic suction will heal whenever her move damages champions, large minions, and large monsters. Morgana unleashes an orb of black energy, when it hits an enemy, the orb deals magic damage and briefly restrains them. In particular, the Dead Zone skill will make the land haunted, the enemy standing in it receives constant damage.

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The beautiful female swordswoman Fiora with her Swordsman Dance will cause the opponent a lot of difficulty, Fiora rushes forward and slashes a nearby enemy, dealing physical damage and effects on-hit. Fiora’s Counter Strike skill blocks all damage and control effects taken for a short time, then stabs in a direction. The punch slows the first enemy champion hit or stuns them.


General Zed in the game League of Legends

Dark Lord Zed is a mid-range gunner in the URF but extremely dangerous, as the name suggests, Zed has a strong ability when in the dark. Zed can clone the shadow swing his sword forward, dealing damage to units pierced by the ability. The Death Mark technique will leave a shadow behind and then dash to the target champion, etching the death mark on the victim.


General Jax in the game League of Legends

Jax’s Jump and Blast skill is quite effective, Jax leaps into a target, if it is an enemy, he attacks them with his weapon. In addition, Jax can activate this ability to release the power hidden inside, increasing armor and magic resistance for a short time.


General Zyra in the game League of Legends

The thorny girl Zyra is extremely dangerous, true to the name Zyra is very thorny, Zyra throws a bunch of thorns at the selected location, only a moment later it will explode and shoot thorns on all nearby enemies. In addition, the skill of binding Tree Root, Rampage or Thorny Garden is also extremely dangerous that can cause strong damage to the opponent. Zyra has enough equipment to bleed and assist his teammates in fighting from a distance extremely safely.


General Wukong in the game League of Legends

Wukong Wukong in League of Legends with his Iron Bronze skill, his armor gain and magic resistance are not based on the number of enemy champions around him. The Invisibility Skill will help Wukong become invisible for a moment, leaving behind a clone that deals magic damage to enemies when the enlightenment does not end.

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General Nami in the game League of Legends

Nami’s Water Water ability shoots a giant bubble at the selected spot, damaging and stunning all victims it hits. Especially with the ability of Water Dimension will release a stream of water that bounces between allies and enemies, healing allies and damaging enemies. Even giant tsunamis can take place, causing extremely frightening damage.


General Karthus in the game League of Legends

Karthus possesses a lullaby of death, even when he dies, he can still fight with that skill within 7 days. Karthus detonates an explosion at the selected point, dealing damage to victims hit. Even Karthus’s piercing wall creates a transparent wall that causes enemies who walk through it will have reduced movement speed and magic resistance for a fixed time.

Above are 10 very powerful generals in the URF game mode of League of Legends. Hope you will choose the worthy members for your army when joining LOL.

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