League of Legends Mobile: National Day event series September 2 offers 6 free skins

On the occasion of the National Day holiday on September 2 this year, Garena will be dedicated to the gaming community Arena of valor a lot of attractive gifts from consecutive events.

First, it must be mentioned is the fact Collect Pieces, player Arena of valor Can get skin included Eland’orr Magician, Yena Cheerleader, Fennik Adventurer, Keera Magic practitioner, Gildur Great Academy.

Piece collection event

Event time from date August 22 come 6/2020. To receive gifts, you should collect all 8 pieces by logging in, sharing or playing the game, to receive a chest, choose 1 of the 5 skins above.

Details you can see here.

The second event is part of this year’s National Day event series Garena Coalition Name “Seahorse Chess Board” take Incredible Zephys.

Seahorse chess board

Time this event took place from 2/9 come September 17, 2020, the player’s task is to roll the dice, the more you win is the number of moves of the chess piece and the chess piece stops in which square, you will receive a gift from that box.

To receive a roll, gamers need to complete 2 tasks below:

  • Login: 2 times / day
  • Play 1 match: 1 turn (maximum 2 times / day)

Every time you complete a round (ie leave – then return to the starting box), you will have the opportunity to receive more valuable gifts such as gold, ruby, piece, costume piece, paper Roll A and especially the new outfit Incredible Zephys.

In addition, there is another interesting event, that is event log in August (takes place from date 23 – 30/8/2020). At this event, players just need to log into the game every day to receive valuable gifts as follows

  • Day 1: 2 Fragments of General
  • Day 2: 2 Piece of skin
  • Day 3: 3 Fragments of General
  • Day 4: 200 pieces of jade
  • Day 5: 5 Fragments of General
  • Day 6: 5 Piece of skin
  • Day 7: Special Frame – Tokyo
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Plus, do the ingame quests every day to get the following rewards

  • Play 1 game: 300 pieces of jade
  • Defeat 1 enemy hero: Piece skin
  • Kill 20 soldiers: Fragment of General

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